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The Worthy Story

Our story

“My wife and I were looking to sell her diamond necklace and use the cash towards a newer, better one. First we went to a few local jewelers and got low-ball offers. While they clearly explained to us the differences between retail and resale value, we thought there must be a better option.

So, we turned to eBay, a very popular option for selling pre-owned valuables. This, we thought would be it. But low and behold, we were shocked by the fact we weren’t receiving any real offers. It was explained to us that being new to the platform, and thus not a “power-seller”, makes it very difficult to sell luxury items on eBay.

“ How can we sell a diamond necklace
and get worthy offers? ”

We asked ourselves “how can we sell a diamond necklace and get worthy offers”? We needed a place with the trust and professionalism of a local jeweler, combined with the convenience and reach of an online auction platform.

This is why I founded Worthy.com, based on the principle of providing the best price for your valuables in a timely and professional manner. Try us out, I'm sure you'll find it Worthy of your time."

Ben De-Kalo
Co-Founder & CEO