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When Divorce is Part of Your Spiritual Journey

By Elizabeth Suneby You didn’t enter into marriage with the intention of getting a divorce. But, if that’s your reality, treat your divorce as a step towards living the life you’d like to live. To welcome in your bright future, ask yourself the following questions:   1. What to keep and what to shed? Which […]

Emptying the Empty Nest

Elizabeth Kellner Suneby   “This is the day you’ve been dreading since I met you thirteen years ago when our girls were in Kindergarten.” That’s how my dear friend Jennifer greeted me after my husband and I dropped our youngest child at college. Jennifer was absolutely right. I was the mother who never wanted her […]

Volunteer Your Way Back to Paid Work

By Elizabeth Suneby   Many women who take a career break to raise their children find that volunteering helps pave a path back to paid employment. Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder of iRelaunch and co-author of Back on the Career Path (often called “the bible of career reentry”), encourages women on career break to actively seek […]

Nine Ways to Jumpstart A Better Life Post Divorce

By Elizabeth Suneby   There’s no better time than after a divorce to commit to living your best life ever. Reimagine a brighter future and jumpstart your journey with the nine strategies below: 1. Simplify & Declutter If a possession doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. You’ve likely heard this advice popularized by the […]

Five Ways to Make Your Divorce a Mitzvah

Make Your Divorce a Mitzvah

By Elizabeth Suneby It may be hard to believe, but according to “Rashi,” the revered biblical scholar and rabbi from the Middle Ages, “Divorce is a mitzvah.” Here are five pieces of advice to help you make your divorce a blessing: Look to Jewish tradition for inspiration on how to transition through divorce and build […]

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