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Celebrity Quotes on Divorce

It's hard to remember that celebrities are just like us, especially when they get divorced. Some our of favorite celebrities on divorce and it's impact.

Oct 13th, 2021| by Worthy Staff

How Women Can Support One Another During Divorce

Recent divorcee Elizabeth shares how the night her marriage ended, friends and loved ones stepped up their game to help her, her son, and her dogs.

Sep 28th, 2021| by Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois

How To Explain Custody to Children

Looking for the best way to explain custody and divorce to your children. Psychologist Dr. Davin gives a step-by-step process on how to have this talk.

Sep 22nd, 2021| by Dr. Kristin Davin

9 Gifts Your Old Jewelry Can Pay For

One old ring can buy you many new and exciting gifts, from vacations to the peace of mind of being debt free. Doesn't that sign like a great present?

Sep 19th, 2021| by Laura Lifshitz

Best Careers for Single Moms

Single moms and married moms alike need good career options for that work-life balance. Desirae Harper gives her tips to picking a career path.

Sep 14th, 2021| by Desirae Harper

5 Ways it Pays to Be Divorced

Yes, getting divorced is a costly experience. But why not seeing the glass half full? Here are 5 ways divorce is unexpectedly good for your wallet.

Sep 10th, 2021| by Audrey Cade

Top Facebook Groups for Divorced Women

Join these Facebook groups for divorced women and be part of the community that will keep you thriving as you embrace your fresh start!

Sep 9th, 2021| by Worthy Staff

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