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Assessing How Your Parenting Plan is Working

You created a parenting plan but how do you know how well it's working for you? What about your children? Shea of Custody X Change gives her expert tips to make this important assessment.

Dec 1st, 2022| by Shea Drefs

A Second Chance at Father’s Day

Sunday marks the second Father's Day that Audrey and her dad will share in 40 years. See what she learned while rebuilding the relationship with her father.

Jun 19th, 2022| by Audrey Cade

8 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Mom

If you're a single mom, you were probably given unsolicited advice or asked inappropriate questions, at least once. Here are the most common ones.

May 18th, 2022| by Stacey Freeman

Is He Stepdad Material?

Deciding to bring someone new into your life is a big choice but when it will affect your kids, it's even bigger. How do you know if he is stepdad material?

May 9th, 2022| by Audrey Cade

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