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How Much Is a Diamond Worth?

From the 4 C's to laser inscriptions, what factors determine how much a diamond is worth? Worthy experts fully explain how to determine its value.

May 11th, 2022| by Worthy Staff

The Lifecycle of a Diamond: The Environmental Impact

As beautiful as they can be, the environmental impact of mining diamonds is huge. Here we discuss some of the biggest areas that suffer and how the diamond industry is working to be greener.

Apr 25th, 2022| by Worthy Staff

Christie’s Auction for “The Rock”

The Rock is going up for auction soon. We mean the enormous 228.31 carat white diamond being sold by Christie’s in Geneva this coming May. Read more.

Apr 13th, 2022| by Worthy Staff

Carat Weight vs. Total Carat Weight

When trying to determine a suitable price for a diamond ring, one should first understand that diamond carat weight represents most of a ring’s value.

Mar 3rd, 2022| by Worthy Staff

Cushion Cut Diamonds: A Complete Guide

Cushion cut diamonds can be quite spectacular! Learn more about cut and explore some of our favorite cushion cut auctions.

Jan 31st, 2022| by Worthy Staff

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