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Heirloom Jewelry: What To Keep And What To Sell

Going through your jewelry box wondering what to keep & what to sell? Jewelry expert Hedda Schupak has the guidelines for making your collection a little tidier.

Oct 15th, 2019| by Hedda Schupak

Why You Should Buy the Jewelry You Want

Why You Should Buy the Jewelry You Want: As long as it's your style, it will never go out of fashion. Your upgrade inspiration awaits!

Sep 24th, 2019| by Beth Bernstein

Top 8 Bespoke Fine Jewelry Brands

Jewelry expert Hedda Schupak reviews the top bespoke fine jewelry brands including JAR, Graff, Wallace Chan,Carnet, Jean Schlumberger, Verdura, and Chopard.

Sep 16th, 2019| by Hedda Schupak

Top 10 Featured Auctions in August 2019

This month, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of jewelry pieces from houses like Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari, & more. See our favorite auctions here!

Aug 29th, 2019| by Worthy Staff

What Exactly Is High Jewelry

What exactly is high jewelry, and how does it differ from any other fine jewelry? Jewelry expert Hedda Schupak and what it is and who wears it.

Jul 9th, 2019| by Hedda Schupak

Top 10 Featured Auctions in June 2019

Take a look at the colorful collection of items from June's auctions that we love! If you have an old item that doesn't suit you now, sell it and upgrade!

Jul 1st, 2019| by Worthy Staff

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