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Top 10 Featured Auctions in June 2018


While the rest of the world may be slowing down for the summer, Worthy is heating up! June saw some extraordinary pieces in a variety of styles, from fabulous art deco inspired bracelets to bold, modern-looking rings. Last month’s auctions prove that fine jewelry is always in demand, no matter its shape or style so […]

Top 10 Featured Auctions in April


As we get closer and closer to the warmth and relaxation of the summer, we’re seeing an influx of bold shapes and geometric styles to our online auction house, telling us that people are shaking things up in their jewelry boxes. Shifting from more classic styles, April brought in some extraordinary pieces featuring marquise and […]

Top 10 Featured Auctions in March


While last month’s weather was much more lion than lamb, spring was definitely in the air for us as our online auction house was flooded with green emeralds, pastel-colored gems, Romantic chandelier earrings, and pear-cut pendants to remind us of those gentle spring showers.   Some of last month’s best pieces came from the iconic […]

Top 10 Featured Auctions in February


Amethyst might be the birthstone of February. But this past month, we couldn’t help but notice our online auction house was sparkling with another colored stone: sapphires.   One of the “big three” gemstones alongside ruby and emerald, the blue stone has been a favorite for both jewelry designers and wearers for centuries. Just like […]

Top 10 Featured Auctions in January


If the New Year is an opportunity to get rid of the old and make room for the new, then it makes sense that in January our online auction house was packed with marquise-cut and heart-shaped diamond rings, yellow gold bracelets and groovy necklaces.   Our favorite part of the job is helping our clients […]