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Top 10 Featured Auctions in January 2019

Top 10 Featured Auctions in January 2019

“Circles, like the soul, are never-ending and turn round and round without a stop.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson   Since the beginning of a new year can feel like another go-round in a circle, it’s no wonder circles seem to be a theme in last month’s auctions. There were plenty of beautiful items which showcased not […]

Worthy’s Most Popular Auction Trends For 2018

Most Popular Auction Trends 2018

By Hedda Schupak   Party trivia: Name one of the world’s biggest sources of diamonds.   If you say “South Africa” and picture something like this, you’d be partially right. This is De Beers’ Jwaneng mine, the largest diamond mine in the world. It’s actually in Botswana—next door to South Africa—but that’s beside the point. […]

Top 10 Featured Auctions in November 2018

With the holiday season right around the corner and a new year within sight, our auction house has been sparkling like the winter’s first snow. This month, we’ve seen some absolutely stunning pieces come and go, including exquisite sapphires, enviable statement bracelets, and more. In keeping with the cold weather in this month’s forecast, we […]

An Antique Jewelry Auction to Remember

antique diamond jewelry in a jewelry box

Antique diamond jewelry never fails to cause a stir when it makes its way to auction. When a client decided to sell a jewelry box brimming with spectacular items including an antique Cartier bracelet, Art Deco diamond pins, and some unique sculptures covered in pave diamonds, we were astonished at the mind-blowing response from our […]

10 Frightening Jewels of Auctions Past

October is about more than pumpkin spice and all things nice! While we love the way autumn’s romance paves the way for winter’s bright festivities, we also enjoy the spookier things in life. This October, we bring you a celebration of some of the creepiest jewelry to pass through our doors.   Creatures from the […]

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