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The 5 Most Expensive Diamond Rings Auctioned at Worthy

GIA 4.02 CT Radiant Cut Solitaire Ring

We’ve auctioned a lot of diamond rings here at Worthy. Some larger, some smaller, some high quality, others not as much. As you can see here from the 5 most expensive diamond rings, they are all a little different with different strengths and weaknesses. It is important to remember when you are selling or buying a diamond ring that size and shape aren’t everything when it comes to value.

GIA 2.42 CT Round Cut Solitaire

This classic round cut solitaire ring sold for $20,529 after drawing the attention of 294 buyers from our professional buyer network. According to the GIA grading, the center diamond weighs in at 2.42 carats, with a color grading of F and SI1 clarity. Perfectly complementing the center stone, the metal of the setting is 14K gold. This magnificent piece represents one of the most timeless diamond ring designs, a fact reflected by the high bids placed by the buyers.

GIA 2.42 CT Round Cut Solitaire Ring

3.58 CT Round Cut 3 Stone

A sizable round cut diamond with baguette side stones proved once again to be a winning combination. It came as no big surprise to us that this stunning 3.58 CT diamond ring was sold for $20,795. The showstopping central round cut stone has a color grading of K and SI1 clarity, according to the GIA grading scale. The minor stones are two baguette-shaped diamonds with a total weight of .28 CT, complete with a platinum band. You can check out every impressive angle of this ring here.
3.58 CT Round Cut 3 Stone Ring

GIA 4.02 CT Radiant Cut Solitaire

One of the most special sparklers auctioned at Worthy, this 18K gold custom made solitaire ring was recently sold for $24,755. The enormous rock has a unique shape: the radiant cut is not frequently seen in our diamond jewelry auctions. This absolutely unique feature for sure added value to this jewel. The stone weighed 4.02 CT and was color I and SI1 clarity. Definitely a piece we’re going to miss.

GIA 4.02 CT Radiant Cut Solitaire Ring

4.37 CT Pear Cut Solitaire

Pear cut diamonds can make the most splendid jewelry. And this stunning 2.37 CT diamond ring is no exception. Recently sold at auction for a whopping $46,125, this platinum custom made ring holds an F-G color and SI1 clarity pear cut natural diamond. The rock is surrounded by 16 baguette-shaped diamonds. You can’t get much more “blingy” than that! Check out more details of this one-of-a-kind item here.
4.37 CT Pear Cut Solitaire Ring

GIA Certified 4.59 CT Round Cut Diamond Ring

Finally, the most expensive diamond auctioned with us by far, is this extraordinary 4.59 CT round cut diamond ring. Nearly 500 buyers showed interest in this sparkler, and the item’s attributes tell us why: the ring featured an enormous I color, VS1 clarity and very good cut diamond. The weight and characteristics of this rock put it in the first place of our most expensive diamond rings podium, with a final offer of $59,000.

GIA Certified 4.59 CT Round Cut

Do you have a diamond ring you want to sell? Get more at auction!

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