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Fabulous and Empowered: The Power of Letting Go

Header_1394x566_client_journey (1)

Denise Anderson made the difficult decision to sell her ring a few weeks ago. This came right after she led an information session on empowerment through finance for the Worthy team. Not only is she a divorcee but Denise is also a financial advisor and gemologist, giving her an especially valuable perspective on the process […]

4.59 ct. GIA Diamond and A Big Payout for Raphael!

GIA 4.59 ct Round Cut Loose Diamond Worthy

Raphael tried to sell his GIA certified, 4.59 ct round cut diamond for quite some time with no real results. When he came to Worthy, he wasn’t in a big rush but did want the best price from a trustworthy company – and that’s precisely what he got. After a few sessions with his account […]

Selling an Engagement Ring Doesn’t Have to be Difficult!

megan's experience

We wanted to share the story of a fabulous Worthy client, Megan. She recently sold a diamond bridal set with us, ending a year of fruitless efforts. She “just wanted to get rid of it” and tried everything. From local offline options to eBay, Megan tried it all and was met with nothing but low-ball […]

Happy Clients Tell All – and Win!

happy clients tell all and win

Last month, we asked our clients to help spread the word on the Worthy experience by submitting a short video testimonial. By submitting a video, they were also entered to win a grand prize of a $1,000. We got some great responses and heard some really good personal stories. Some sold a diamond ring, a […]