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Selling My Tiffany Diamond Ring – A Client’s Journey


We’ve had the privilege to help many clients get more for their valuables but this client really got our attention. Not only was Cara’s Tiffany bridal set stunning, it had also been through quite the journey on its way to us.


See what we learned in our post-auction interview with Cara:

Q. How did you find Worthy?
A. I conducted a pretty straight-forward Google search for “jewelry consignment”.

Q. Did you try selling your ring elsewhere?
A. I did! At the beginning of the year, I took my ring to a local jeweler that I had known – they have a pretty good local presence. I decided to consign the ring with them in order to maximize the value without much risk. It was up for consignment for 6 months with no luck. When the consignment period was up I decided not to extend it and tried another local jeweler. They said they had a dealer in NY who would purchase it outright-I liked the price but found Worthy and thought I would give it a try.


Q. Did you have any hesitations with Worthy?
A. I was pretty uncomfortable with it but decided to call and learn more. I called and met my account manager, Josh. He really walked me through the process and helped me understand that there would be no obligation, that everything is insured, etc. I had him show me everything! The insurance ticket was another re-assurance before I went to ship also.


Q. Did you feel that you were working with professionals?
A. Most certainly, yes. I really felt like you all knew what you were doing and that you are genuine people that wouldn’t be working at a company like this if it was a scam or anything.

Q. Do you feel that you got the highest market value for your ring?
A. Yes, for sure – especially since it was higher than anyone else was willing to offer. I was very happy with it.


Q. Would you use Worthy again or recommend us to others?
A. Definitely! I’ve already started recommending you to people I know. I even told a coworker of mine who was considering eBay to try you guys out instead.


If you have a diamond engagement ring that you are looking to sell, we can help! See how you can get competitive offers for your ring within 24 hours! Learn more.

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    For 10 generations, men in love goes to Tiffany’s diamond counters to purchase rings of superlative brilliance. Over a lifetime, a woman looks at her ring one million times. A Tiffany ring must be perfect. And it is.

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