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Exploring Diamond Pricing Pt.2 Recycled Diamonds (Infographic)

recycled diamond pricing inforgraphic

The world of recycled diamonds is very new and always changing – it also happens to be our specialty! We asked one of our trusted diamond experts to help us clarify some of the ambiguities that are encountered in the market, and to provide some ways that you can get more when you are looking to sell diamonds online. Below is the infographic, and here you can check out the full article version.
pricing recycled diamonds infographic

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  1. Jenny says:

    The secondary market of diamonds will unquestionably grow in the next few years. There are hundreds and millions of diamonds sitting in people’s drawers at home and in safety deposit boxes. A diamond is timeless. Nobody can tell the difference between a so called new diamond and a used diamond. Why pay retail for something you should be able to get at wholesale. I would love to see people start circulating their old and unused diamonds and precious stones back into the market place. Let’s popularize the practice of Regeming…putting diamonds and precious stones back into the market place.

    80% of Americans buy wedding rings. The average price of a ring is $3500. Statistics show that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This means there could be over $2,965,200,000 worth of diamonds recirculated back into the market place each year. In the past 10 years that would be over $29,652,000,00. Why do people keep buying and selling diamonds under the classification of ‘new’. A diamond is not new. It grew in a mine for possibly hundreds of years. And nobody can tell the difference between a new or used diamond.

    LETS START REGEMING! Regem your diamonds!!

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