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Gem Portrait: Old European Cut Diamonds

By David Federman   If you are someone who inherited a round-brilliant diamond cut between 1860 and 1920, then tried to sell it in the 20th century, you were likely told the stone was an “old European cut.” You were also likely told that it needed to be re-cut to modern proportions. Then you were […]

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Anyone who enjoys jewelry knows how important it is to clean diamond rings. After all, this is the best way to ensure that your treasures stay sparkly and bright. In this article, we cover how to keep your ring clean and a few things to avoid in order to keep your ring looking its very […]

How to Identify Valuable Items In Your Jewelry Box

identifying valuable items in jewelry box

By Yingjia Puk   Is your jewelry box filled with items passed down from family, and perhaps with pieces you no longer wear? Whether you’re a collector or inheritor, the items in your jewelry box can be a treasure trove of surprises. Jewel-encrusted items we think may be extremely valuable can be worth only a […]

Why You Should Avoid Pawn Shops When Selling Your Jewelry

Avoid Pawn Shops When Selling Jewelry

The concept of the pawn shop has been around for centuries. More than 3,000 years ago, prominent Chinese, Greek, and Roman businessmen discovered that they could profit by lending money to peasants who needed short-term loans. Throughout history, famous figures such as England’s King Edward III and Spain’s Queen Isabella pawned jewelry to finance war […]

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