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13 Lucky Diamond Rings Sold on the 13th

Worthy_Friday13Rings_Article_0117_Header_697x283_02 (1)

The first Friday the 13th of the year has arrived, and with it, an irrefutable excuse to call in sick and hide under the blankets with a baseball bat. But don’t freak out, fellow readers, we have good news for you.   Here at Worthy, we’ve decided to defy superstition. That’s right, we don’t fear […]

Can You Tell a Diamond’s Worth by its Picture?

quiz-article-header (1)

A few days ago we posted on our Facebook page photos of two different diamond rings that were recently auctioned on our platform. We asked our audience which ring they thought sold for more.   Besides proving that we have quite a savvy audience, we decided to take the quiz results as an opportunity to […]

The History of Engagement Rings


It is tradition that when a woman becomes engaged, she often wears a ring to signify that she will soon be married. Today, we view this concept as something that a couple simply does as part of the entire marriage tradition. However, there is more to the history of engagement rings than one may assume. […]

Top 5 Most Famous Cursed Diamonds


Diamonds play a major role in contemporary culture as tokens of love and romance. Having made their way up to the surface from the core of the earth, most of the diamonds today are millions of years old! Throughout history they have captivated the minds and fantasies of many. They were first linked with betrothals […]