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How To Estimate a Diamond’s Value


Be it in the form of a family heirloom, an antique piece of jewelry, an engagement or a wedding ring, a diamond is a gem that has symbolized love, legend, and affluence for centuries. However, it is rare that diamond owners are aware of what precisely makes one diamond better than any other. When it […]

Exploring Diamond Pricing, Part 1

Exploring diamond pricing

Diamond pricing is a vaguely understood process that typically results in very high retail prices, and then shockingly low resale prices. In this piece, we have asked one of our diamond experts to delve into polished diamond pricing and the recycled diamond segment. This two part series should give you a better understanding of how […]

Declining Diamond Prices

declining diamond prices

An Important Message From Our Evaluation Team: In late December and early January we started to see price drops for fancy cut diamonds (pear, princess, marquise, ovals, emerald cut, etc.) We waited for the round diamonds to be affected and it looks like there is a reduction there as well. We are expecting overall wholesale […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying (or Selling) a Diamond

diamond market trends 2017

There is little doubt that consumers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to purchasing diamonds. Many consumers who have bought a diamond recently are probably already familiar with the universally accepted 4C’s (carat, cut, clarity, and color). However, the 4 C’s only scratch the surface of a diamond’s grading and ultimate market […]