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How Do Engagement Rings Hold Their Value

Halo Engagement Ring (1)

With the ever-increasing popularity of selling an engagement ring at the end of a marriage or as a result of an inheritance, more people are asking, “how can the value of an engagement ring fluctuate?” There are several reasons and explanations for this, primarily due to the components that make up a ring and how […]

Exploring Diamond Pricing Pt.2 Recycled Diamonds (Infographic)

recycled diamond pricing inforgraphic

The world of recycled diamonds is very new and always changing – it also happens to be our specialty! We asked one of our trusted diamond experts to help us clarify some of the ambiguities that are encountered in the market, and to provide some ways that you can get more when you are looking […]

Exploring Diamond Pricing Pt 2: Recycled Diamonds

Pricing Recycled Diamonds

In case you missed it, Part 1 of this series covered the topic of polished diamond pricing, taking us through the steps of producing a finished, retailable diamond or diamond product. The upstream, midstream, and downstream aspects of diamond production and their relative costs/pricing were all covered. Here we explore further recycled diamonds, a burgeoning […]

How To Estimate a Diamond’s Value


Be it in the form of a family heirloom, an antique piece of jewelry, an engagement or a wedding ring, a diamond is a gem that has symbolized love, legend, and affluence for centuries. However, it is rare that diamond owners are aware of what precisely makes one diamond better than any other. When it […]

Exploring Diamond Pricing, Part 1

Exploring diamond pricing

Diamond pricing is a vaguely understood process that typically results in very high retail prices, and then shockingly low resale prices. In this piece, we have asked one of our diamond experts to delve into polished diamond pricing and the recycled diamond segment. This two part series should give you a better understanding of how […]