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How Infertility Took a Toll On My Marriage

toll of infertility on marriage

By Audrey Cade   From a young age I was wired with maternal instincts. My favorite toys, when I was a young girl, were my baby dolls. I remember a project in first grade when my classmates and I were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. While many of my peers […]

Yes, Dating After Divorce Can Be Scary. And That’s Okay.

scared to date after divorce

By Dena Landon   Dating after Divorce. UGH. Honestly, I’d rather clean the cat’s litter box. I remember my first post-divorce date vividly. I waited to start dating again until my divorce was final, but I put up a dating profile a few months before signing the papers. After connecting with a guy in New […]

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting Divorced

how to tell kids about divorce

By Dr. Kristin Davin   Divorce is a complicated and stressful life transition with many ups and downs, uncertainties, and unexpected twists and turns, which would explain why it is ranked as the second most stressful event in an adults life according to the Holmes Rahe Stress Scale.   Imagine the painstaking and stressful process […]

You’re Invited: Worthy Women Thrive – Dating in 2019 in NYC

thrive dating event

  Partnering with fashion brand MM. LaFleur, Worthy invites you to join us for our event Worthy Women Thrive: Dating in 2019, on Thursday, April 25th in at MM. LaFleur’s showroom in Bryant Park, NYC, from 6 to 8 pm.   Our Event Earlier this year, we conducted our survey “Jumping In: Dating After Divorce […]

How to Decide to File Bankruptcy After Divorce

bankruptcy after divorce

By Samantha Gregory   When I decided to get a divorce I called up a divorce attorney and explained the situation with my soon-to-be-ex and all the debt that we incurred. The attorney said the best thing for me to do was to file for bankruptcy. I was offended and told him I did not […]

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