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What to Do with Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?


By Laura Lifshitz   No matter how long your marriage lasted, the engagement ring – a symbol of hope for a lifetime of love – can remain sentimental for many of us. Or at the least, a symbol of dreams died and thwarted, which can make looking at the once lauded thing itself a little […]

Celebrity Splits: How These 8 Stars Moved On After Divorce


Celebrity engagements and weddings put famous couples in the spotlight, and so do their painful, publicized breakups. A few recent celebrity divorces and broken engagements remind us that our favorite stars are a lot like the rest of us. See how they’re moving on with their lives!   Lady Gaga In July 2016, the world […]

How to Retire on One Income


By Holly Hammersmith   More and more people, including recently divorced women, are finding themselves trying to attain a lofty goal: retiring on one income. But how feasible is it?   The number of people fitting into this retirement picture is growing. Today, forty-three percent of those age 65 and older are single, having been […]

When Divorce is Part of Your Spiritual Journey


By Elizabeth Suneby You didn’t enter into marriage with the intention of getting a divorce. But, if that’s your reality, treat your divorce as a step towards living the life you’d like to live. To welcome in your bright future, ask yourself the following questions:   1. What to keep and what to shed? Which […]

A New Life for Your Engagement Ring (and You)


By Beth Bernstein   “A diamond is forever,” the 64-year-old DeBeers campaign declares. Relationships sometimes don’t last quite as long. So what do you do with your engagement ring when your fiancé calls it quits or your marriage breaks up? Do you sell the ring or do you break out the diamond to have it […]

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