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When Divorce is Part of Your Spiritual Journey


By Elizabeth Suneby You didn’t enter into marriage with the intention of getting a divorce. But, if that’s your reality, treat your divorce as a step towards living the life you’d like to live. To welcome in your bright future, ask yourself the following questions:   1. What to keep and what to shed? Which […]

A New Life for Your Engagement Ring (and You)


By Beth Bernstein   “A diamond is forever,” the 64-year-old DeBeers campaign declares. Relationships sometimes don’t last quite as long. So what do you do with your engagement ring when your fiancé calls it quits or your marriage breaks up? Do you sell the ring or do you break out the diamond to have it […]

Legal Separation vs. Divorce: What’s The Difference?


If your marriage is unhealthy, you may consider getting legally separated as an alternative to divorce. Unlike divorce, legal separation doesn’t end your marriage; instead, it allows you and your spouse to live separate lives while remaining married. While this sounds simple, there are quite a few things to know about legal separation vs. divorce. […]

Why Selling Your Engagement Ring May Be the Way to Go


By Liza Caldwell, Cofounder, SAS for Women.   As Beyonce Says, “Ring Off!”   Although the legal dust has settled and you are officially “divorced,” you probably realize that your process is not quite complete. Things are still messy and unclear; that’s because you’ve not yet arrived at your final destination, your stabilized AFTERWARD. You […]

Property Settlement: Splitting the Estate


Hundreds of issues come up during divorce, many of which have to do with property settlement. The division of real property and other assets is often among the most contested of divorce issues, and even in an amicable divorce settlement, asset division can be painful and difficult.   Here, we’ll provide a brief overview of […]