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Property Settlement: Splitting the Estate


Hundreds of issues come up during divorce, many of which have to do with property settlement. The division of real property and other assets is often among the most contested of divorce issues, and even in an amicable divorce settlement, asset division can be painful and difficult.   Here, we’ll provide a brief overview of […]

5 Ways Your Old Engagement Ring Can Help You Overcome Divorce


We know that divorce can be one of the hardest times in a woman’s life. Along with the emotional pain, financial struggles and new obstacles can surface. Recovering from divorce doesn’t happen overnight, and experts say people often go through different stages in their path to regaining their life. Everyone reacts differently and has different […]

Nine Ways to Jumpstart A Better Life Post Divorce


By Elizabeth Suneby   There’s no better time than after a divorce to commit to living your best life ever. Reimagine a brighter future and jumpstart your journey with the nine strategies below:   1. Simplify & Declutter If a possession doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. You’ve likely heard this advice popularized by […]

How to Protect Your Assets Before Divorce

Header_1394x566_protect_assets (1)

By Holly Hammersmith   No one really wants to plan to divorce. But if it may be on the horizon for you, a few simple steps can help you prepare for a smooth financial separation while protecting your assets. Start by examining current assets that may be affected by a divorce.   Types of Assets […]

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

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By Holly Hammersmith   Saying “I do” may have been easier than saying “I do not” will be. Divorce is costly and takes a financial toll, as well as a social and emotional toll. If children are involved, divorce can impact living arrangements, routines and the sense of congruency a family may have once had. […]