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9 Celebrity Quotes on Divorce

celebrity quotes on divorce


When you hear about a celebrity couple divorcing, you may be one of those that’s glued to the magazines, phone and TV screens to get the scoop. And who could blame you?


But at the end of the day, celebrities are just like us and when they divorce, it is still a very difficult time. Here, some of our favorite celebrities share their experiences with divorce, the heartbreak they felt, and how divorce has impacted their lives.


Reese Witherspoon


A lot has happened to Reese Witherspoon since she wed Ryan Phillippe in 1999. The actress was just 23 when she got married and gave birth to her first child, Ava, followed four years later with the birth of son Deacon. By 2007, however, the young couple had realized they were too young when they got married and not meant to be. Reese has since remarried Jim Toth and the two have a son, Tennessee. When it comes to her career, Resse has exploded! In 2012 she founded the Pacific Standard production company and in 2016 founded the media company Hello Sunshine. She has produced and starred in films like Wild, Gone Girl, and Hot Pursuit and the award-winning series Big Little Lies.


Source: Instyle


Angelina Jolie


Brad and Angelina, or Brangelina, were together for a total of 12 years before their split in 2016, during which the couple had six children. Since then, the couple had each kept separate residences and the children have spent the majority of the time with Jolie as Pitt has been working on various movies over the past few years. Jolie herself is quite busy, both with her acting career and role as a Special Envoy for the Office of UN High Commission for Refugees. She also spent some time lecturing at the London School of Economics. Her children have accompanied her as she’s reclocated all over the world and the single mother is currently living in New Mexico working on a new movie.


Source: E! Online


Jennifer Garner


If you are looking for celebrity co-parent role models, Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck are it. The former couple were married for 10 years and have three children together, two daughters and a son. They separated in 2015 and have been co-parenting ever since. Affleck has publicly praised Garner on being a fantastic mom, motivating him to be a parent, and the two are often spotted together at events for their children, including on the sidelines of soccer games.


Source: Huffington Post


Amy Poehler


The comedian was married to actor Will Arnett for nine years before the couple split in 2012. The couple shares two sons. While the couple was very quiet about their relationship at first, Pohler has since published a book, Yes Please, where she discusses how lonely she felt throughout the divorce process. The former couple’s main focus these days is raising their two sons together.


Source: E! Online


Jessica Simpson


If you were tuned in to any kind of media in the early 2000s, chances are you knew about the reality TV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on MTV starring Jessica Simpson and then-husband Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees fame). The couple were married for three years before they split, news that rocked the teenybopper world. However, Jessica has found happiness both in her career and personal life. She married former NFL player Eric Maxwell and the couple has 3 children. Jessica has various successful clothing and home decoration lines.


Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett was married to fellow actor Ryan Renolds for four years and then to French businessman Romain Dauriac for another four. The two share a daughter. Scarlett hasn’t let any of this deter her successful acting career and she is currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She is now engaged to Saturday Night Live cast member Colin Jost.


Naomi Watts


Naomi Watts was married to actor Liev Schriber for 11 years and share two young sons. Known much more for her acting than her personal life, Watts and her ex-husband have both stated in interviews that they are committed to being good parents and know they will need to be in each other’s lives for a long time.


Source: People


Olivia Wilde


Today, Olivia Wilde is married to actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis and mother of two. But in her younger years, Wilde lived quite the life. At 19, she married Italian aristocrat, Price Tao Ruspoli and the marriage lasted for eleven years. The couple got married on an abandoned school bus in a secret ceremony but their divorce was much more mainstream.


Mandy Moore


Although the singer-turned-actress is now happily married to musician Taylor Goldsmith, her previous marriage to Ryan Adams was not a happy one. The pair married in 2006 and divorced in 2016. Since then, Moore and other women have accused Adams of abusive behavior and stunting their music careers. Adams denies all accusations.


Source: Harper’s Bazaar



It's hard to remember that celebrities are just like us, especially when they get divorced. Some our of favorite celebrities on divorce and it's impact.
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