Top 10 Podcasts for Divorced Women

Podcasts for Divorced Women
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Jun 6th, 2018

To celebrate the launch of our very own podcast, “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle”, we’ve created a list of our top 10 favorite divorce and divorce-related podcasts. The list includes both full series and individual episodes which are as varied and unique as the women listening. Podcasts are a great resource for knowledge, empowerment and support to all women, whether you are married, divorced or somewhere in the middle. While some cover the emotional roller coaster of divorce, others tackle practical skills such as money management and co-parenting.

Even for those of you who are new to the podcast world, any choice from this list is a great place to start tuning in:

  1. Emma Johnson’s “Like A Mother”
  2. Stacy Freeman on “The Steve Pomerantz Show”
  3. NPR’s “Invisibilia”
  4. Mandy Walker’s “Conversations About Divorce”
  5. Erin Levine on “The Lawyerist”
  6. The Wall Street Journal’s “Secret’s of Wealthy Women”
  7. DivorceForce’s “Survival Guide”
  8. The MindBodyGreen Podcast
  9. Kim Williams’ “Experiencing Motherhood: Single and Black”
  10. Worthy’s “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle”

1. “Like A Mother” with Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson, from the blog Wealthy Single Mommy and best-selling book The Kickass Single Mom, takes the mic in this weekly podcast that focuses on topics that “smart moms care about”. Her subjects range from money and business to parenting, dating and sex as well as topical episodes on the pay gap and women in the workforce.

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Emma and her guests are inspirational: some share stories of overcoming unthinkable obstacles, others are pioneering careers for themselves in uncharted territory. She also takes the opportunity to highlight women who are doing amazing things to improve life for others. Any listener will have a lot to take away from “Like A Mother.”

2. Stacey Freeman on “The Steve Pomerantz Show”

On the episode “Managing Your Money to Create a New Life After Divorce” of “The Steve Pomerantz Show”, Stacey Freeman guest stars to speak about the challenge many woman face of handling their finances during and post divorce. As Steve Pomerantz, a certified financial planner, explains in the first moments of the episode, divorce is a reality for about 50% of American families. Stacey, the Worthy Lifestyle Editor, discusses a recent study we did on women’s financial confidence after divorce.

3. “Invisibilia” on NPR

If ever there was a podcast that would leave you shaking your head in wonder and fascination, it’s “Invisibilia.” Hosted by Alix Speigel and Hanna Rosin of NPR, the show explores “the invisible forces that shape human behavior.” The hosts do an excellent job of relating human interest stories to current scientific research in fields like psychology and medicine – done in a way that allows those outside of those fields to fully comprehend the research.

1 (10)

While the show itself doesn’t focus on divorce or any one specific topic, it is enlightening and inspiring to hear interviews with people from all over with different perspectives and experiences with emotions. The first episode of the third season deals with loss of all types, and how the pronouns we choose to describe our losses can contribute to the pace at which we move on from them. Get ready to be wowed by the human psyche.

4. “Conversations About Divorce” with Mandy Walker

Mandy Walker of the blog “Since My Divorce” uses her podcast “Conversations About Divorce” to share stories from both newly divorced women as well as those who have come out victorious on the other side. Mandy’s topics vary from the general and informative, such as divorce-related tax issues, to the personal in her episodes on sudden divorce and how to forgive after such an emotional upheaval.

5. Erin Levine on “The Lawyerist”

“The Lawyerist” is a podcast dedicated to lawyers and law practice, covering topics from managing a business to ethics in law. In the episode “Divorce with Benefits, with Erin Levine”, hosts Sam and Aaron interview Erin to learn how she built her thriving divorce portal, “Hello Divorce” based on her experience as a divorce lawyer. What’s more, Erin explains how her site can help individuals at any stage of the divorce process – quite the worthy resource if you ask us. Erin is also a guest on our own “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle” so make sure to tune in.

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6. “Secrets of Wealthy Women” by The Wall Street Journal

Talk about empowerment! “Secrets of Wealthy Women” is hosted by The Wall Street Journal’s own Veronica Dagher who gets to sit down with some of the biggest women in business. From fashion’s Bobbi Brown and Rebecca Minkoff to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, this podcast is a chance to hear from women at the top of their game, and to learn about their personal paths to success.

Whether you are starting a new career, or looking to build up your current one, tune into this podcast. Each week women share advice on how to advance your career, deal with pay inequality and the challenges women face in the workplace.

7. “DivorceForce: Survival Guide” by DivorceForce

Looking for practical skills for handling divorce? Join Gregory Frank, host and founder of DivorceForce, in his discussions on some of the most relevant divorce topics like co-parenting, handling step children and legal advice. This podcast definitely lives up to the title “survival guide” and is a great resource for anyone at any stage of divorce.

5 (5)

8.The MindBodyGreen Podcast

mindbodygreen, a wellness-focused site, continues its content with a podcast hosted by the website’s founder, Jacob Wachob. Wachob brings guests from all fields of wellness: health, fitness, nutrition, and self-help, giving listeners real stories and advice from those in the know. As the podcast promises, “you’ll be inspired, you’ll be moved, and you’ll hear firsthand how wellness transforms lives.”

We were especially inspired by the episode with Melissa Hartwig, the creator of the Whole30 diet. However, there is much more to Melissa’s story: a former drug addict turned wellness author, divorcee and single mom. “I learned that regardless of my divorce,” Melissa tells Wachob, “I could be happy.” Sounds like just the sort of woman we can connect with.

6 (3)

9. “Experiencing Motherhood: Single and Black” by Kim Williams

New to the podcast scene this year, Kim Williams shares her personal experiences being a black single mom. As Kim writes on her blog, there are a lot of single mom podcasts out there but few are directed toward “millennial, African-American single moms.” Her episodes bring a different, and much needed, perspective to the single motherhood conversation, which is refreshing to listeners out there looking for something younger. Kim’s discussions with her guests and her sharing of personal experiences are inspiring and informative, keeping us on our toes from week to week.

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10. “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle” by Worthy

Last but not least is our own Worthy podcast, “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle”, which we’ve created to help inspire and support amazing divorced women and single moms on their individual paths. We are lucky enough to have a community of amazing women contributing to our blog–Stacey Freeman, Emma Johnson and Laura Lifshitz, to name a few–and now to our podcast as well! Join us as we discuss overcoming the stigma of divorce, co-parenting, dating, careers, wellness, finance and everything else. Our goal? To change the conversation about divorce to be more empowering and uplifting.

Are you divorced, a single mom or just looking for something great to listen to? Check out our top 10 podcasts for divorced women, including ours!


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