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Financing Divorce – 6 Easy Tips to Pay for Your Divorce

Pay for divorce

Financing your divorce can seem like a difficult process, and it is sometimes necessary to be creative when it comes to paying for divorce. Here, we have put together six ways to make financing divorce easier.

  1. Apply for Credit Cards in Your Name

    If possible – and if you have not done so already – apply for credit cards in your name. Do not use them for anything unnecessary; instead, use them solely for financing divorce-related costs. These cards will also help you to establish credit in your own name and can be used later when you cancel joint credit accounts.

  2. Sell Personal Property

    Divorce settlements can be tough to reach, even more so if you have children. Selling luxury goods you no longer use can ease the process of dividing your property, and selling them for their actual worth can leave you with extra cash for the inevitable divorce expenses. Be sure to sell high-end jewelry and luxury watches before filing for divorce to make paying for it easier. Other mutual belongings can also be sold online. Selling low-value property will not be as helpful when it comes to financing the divorce expenses, though it might help you divide the property (or its value) and avoid fighting over ‘who gets to keep the couch’.

  3. Take on Extra Work

    Take on extra work if you have the time. Not only does it make answering the question of “how do I pay for my divorce?” easier, but it also gives you more control over your personal time during this stressful transition and helps you fill in the void that this life-changing event can create. Perhaps you can work longer hours at your current job, or perhaps you have an in-demand skill that you can offer on a freelance or part-time basis. Taking on extra work can help you go through this process without breaking the bank and to maintain your current lifestyle.

  4. Request that Your Spouse Handle Legal Fees

    Judges typically enforce the status quo. If your spouse makes more money than you do, he or she should finance divorce settlement proceedings. If your spouse will not agree voluntarily, you can ask the judge to order your spouse to provide assistance in paying for divorce-related legal fees. If you make more money than your spouse, you will need to work on paying for the divorce in other ways.

  5. Ask Family Members for Help

    Divorce is tough, both financially and mentally. Do not be ashamed to ask your family for help. After your divorce is finalized, you will have a better understanding of your new financial status and will be able to better adjust your lifestyle to your new income in a way that allows you to pay back your loans. Until you have reached that point, getting help from your family can help you pay for your divorce upfront and avoid extra credit charges. Asking might feel embarrassing, but it is better than staying in a marriage that is not working for you.

  6. Pay Now for Family Expenses

    If you have not yet begun divorce proceedings, be sure that you use joint funds to take care of any home or auto repairs, buy new clothing for your children if necessary, and take care of any other family expenses. Beginning your divorce process with these necessities already paid will make paying for the divorce a bit easier, while preventing future arguments about who should pay for them.

Final piece of advice, but a very important one – be sure not to let paying for divorce stand in your way of initiating proceedings if you have not done so already. Talk about what you are going through with your loved ones, join a divorce support group and share advice with people going through the same process. Do not let the fear hold you back. Your happiness is out there – reach out to it.

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