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Lose the Husband But Keep The Ring

Lose the Husband - Keep the Ring

You love your engagement ring, of course. Your finger feels naked without it. You obsessed over it before you got it. You know every little detail by heart. It’s perfect. But what if the man who gave it to you isn’t? Can you still wear your ring even after your marriage is over?

Here are three ways you can lose the husband but keep the ring.

1. Keep the Ring, Sell the Diamond

This is the “have your cake and eat it too” option. If you love your ring, you can transform it into something that doesn’t scream engagement by replacing the diamond with another gem. Colored gemstones are more fashionable than ever. And although colored gemstones are becoming more popular as engagement rings people don’t jump to conclusions about gemstone rings in the same way.

lab-grown emerald ring

A lab-grown emerald by Chatham instead of a diamond makes this ring a symbol of a new beginning.

The best thing about this option is that most of the value of your engagement ring is in the diamond. So you can sell your diamond and keep the setting. You can buy a colored gemstone that fits in your ring, lab grown or natural, and even have money left over to spoil yourself in other ways!

Choose your birthstone, your favorite color, or a gem that has a meaning for you, like emerald, which symbolizes new beginnings. Wearing your beautiful ring with its lovely new gem, you’ll enjoy its new life as much as you will enjoy yours.

2. Trade It for A New Style

If you don’t want to continue to wear it, sell your engagement ring and buy a new ring that you love just as much but that doesn’t carry the same emotional baggage. A Victorian diamond ring, a rose cut diamond ring, or a sleek modern band with a diamond inset will give you the same sparkle without the memories. Plus when you get a new engagement ring, you’ll have fun combining the two in a spectacular stack. Of course you can also buy a necklace or earrings (or even reset your diamond into a pendant) but you’ll probably miss having that sparkle on your finger.

Diamond ring by Melanie Casey

Diamond ring by Melanie Casey.

3. Move it to Your Right Hand

The third option is to just keep your engagement ring as but wear it on your right hand. Plenty of women do this and the earth doesn’t open up and swallow them. Liz Taylor divorced Richard Burton twice but she continued to wear the Elizabeth Taylor diamond he gave her almost every day for the rest of her life through several more marriages. If you feel that your ring just looks too “engagement” and might be indicating that you are taken, you can stack it with other gorgeous rings and transform it into a fashion statement. You can also have it sized to fit on your pointer finger or pinky. Women of the world adorn your right hand!

antique engagement rings

These antique engagement rings are as fashionable as they are beautiful.


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