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What to Do with Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?


No matter how long your marriage lasted, the engagement ring – a symbol of hope for a lifetime of love – remains sentimental. So what to do with an old wedding ring after your marriage ends? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular ways to handle the question of what to […]

How to Retire on One Income

retire-one-income (1)

By Holly Hammersmith More and more people, including recently divorced women, are finding themselves trying to attain a lofty goal: retiring on one income. But how feasible is it? The number of people fitting into this retirement picture is growing. Today, forty-three percent of those age 65 and older are single, having been widowed, divorced […]

Appraising Your Jewelry for Divorce

header appraising

By David Federman Diamonds may be forever, but, alas, many of the marriages they symbolize don’t have the same lasting power. If your marriage doesn’t last, how do you determine the value of your jewelry for the divorce settlement? Common sense would tell you to start by looking for an appraiser. But, sad to say, […]

How to Plan Your Divorce to Protect Your Assets


By Holly Hammersmith No one really wants to plan to divorce. But if it may be on the horizon for you, a few simple steps can help you prepare for a smooth financial separation while protecting your assets. Start by examining current assets that may be affected by a divorce. Types of Assets Impacted by […]

Lose the Husband But Keep the Ring

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You love your engagement ring, of course. Your finger feels naked without it. You obsessed over it before you got it. You know every little detail by heart. It’s perfect. But what if the man who gave it to you isn’t? Can you still wear your ring even after your marriage is over? Here are […]