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How to Protect Your Assets Before Divorce

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By Holly Hammersmith   No one really wants to plan to divorce. But if it may be on the horizon for you, a few simple steps can help you prepare for a smooth financial separation while protecting your assets. Start by examining current assets that may be affected by a divorce.   Types of Assets […]

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

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By Holly Hammersmith   Saying “I do” may have been easier than saying “I do not” will be. Divorce is costly and takes a financial toll, as well as a social and emotional toll. If children are involved, divorce can impact living arrangements, routines and the sense of congruency a family may have once had. […]

When I Realized a Diamond Isn’t Always Forever


By Stacey Freeman   Never in a million years did I think I would be divorced. Not me. Not us. Even when my husband announced nearly five years ago that he was leaving me – that he was “done” with our marriage – I still didn’t believe it. But once I learned he had moved […]

The 22 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces


We love celebrities: They’re famous for their talent as well as star-studded weddings, stunning engagement rings, and exciting personal lives that often play out like movies. When their relationships end though, many of our favorite celebrities are famous for having some of the most expensive divorces on record. Here are 22 of the costliest.   […]

Restarting a Career Post-Divorce: 5 Ways Jewelry Can Help


Finding the right balance between financial stability and professional fulfillment is one of the biggest challenges a single mom can face. When the roller coaster of divorce is only a bitter memory, and you find yourself wondering what’s next for your professional career, try to think of small changes that can make a big impact. […]

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