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Dealing with a Broken Engagement: Ring Etiquette


A broken engagement can be difficult to cope with. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes for a future filled with happiness are over. Whether your engagement was a long one or a short one, the question of what to do with the engagement ring is a vital one. The answer depends on a variety of broken […]

Make Money Selling Your Engagement Ring


By Pauline Paquin I don’t watch a lot of TV shows, but one of the last ones who had an impact on me showed a husband going to his wife for money because he had financial troubles. The wife, who is of Vietnamese descent, eventually confesses she has a secret money stash, like her mother […]

Five Ways to Make Your Divorce a Mitzvah


By Elizabeth Suneby It may be hard to believe, but according to “Rashi,” the revered biblical scholar and rabbi from the Middle Ages, “Divorce is a mitzvah.” Here are five pieces of advice to help you make your divorce a blessing: Look to Jewish tradition for inspiration on how to transition through divorce and build […]

Appraising Your Jewelry for Divorce

header appraising

By David Federman Diamonds may be forever, but, alas, many of the marriages they symbolize don’t have the same lasting power. If your marriage doesn’t last, how do you determine the value of your jewelry for the divorce settlement? Common sense would tell you to start by looking for an appraiser. But, sad to say, […]

Lose the Husband But Keep the Ring

header (6)

You love your engagement ring, of course. Your finger feels naked without it. You obsessed over it before you got it. You know every little detail by heart. It’s perfect. But what if the man who gave it to you isn’t? Can you still wear your ring even after your marriage is over? Here are […]

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