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When Divorce is Part of Your Spiritual Journey


By Elizabeth Suneby

You didn’t enter into marriage with the intention of getting a divorce. But, if that’s your reality, treat your divorce as a step towards living the life you’d like to live.

To welcome in your bright future, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Which vestiges of my marriage do I want to keep and which do I want to shed?

Clarify which items remind you of the best of your marriage or your ex-spouse and keep those in your life. Also, clarify which items carry emotional baggage and if sold could fund a more fulfilling future. Would you like to go back to school, spend a week at a restorative spa, or purchase a new bedroom set? Many women decide to sell their engagement ring as a way to fund new dreams. offers a convenient way to determine the true value of your ring and convert your gemstone into the cash it and you deserve.

2. What kind of personal growth will help me live a happy and fulfilling life?

Divorce equals change, so whether you wanted the change or it was thrust upon you, it serves you to look within and determine the personal qualities you want to develop. Do you want to become more joyful, centered, friendly, or optimistic…? Simply type “positive psychology” into your search engine and you’ll find many articles, programs of study, and free exercises and resources to help you learn and grow. Enjoy the never-ending evolution of your best self. You can find daily affirmations at

3. How do I want my ex-spouse and our network of families and friends to see me?

It always pays to take the high road, even if your ex-spouse doesn’t. If you act honorably and honestly, you’ll never look back and wish you had acted differently. Let “no regrets” be your new mantra and love and peace your super power. You’ll find that positive energy attracts more positive energy into your life.

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