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Season 2 Episode 11: Getting Real About Divorce with Kelly Collis

kelly collis

  8 years after finalizing her divorce, Kelly digs deep into the realities of divorce. Her divorce wasn’t at all what she expected, but hey, the kids are alright!   Kelly joins us for a second time, since moderating our Worthy Women Thrive event this last October. This time, she gets personal and shares her […]

Season 2 Episode 9: Divorce By Decade with Lili Vasileff

lili vasileff

  This week, Jen is joined by Certified Divorce Finance Planner Lili Vasileff of Divorce and Money Matters to discuss how divorce can affect your finances at each decade and what to focus on to make sure you are planning for the long term.   We often talk about divorce in very general terms, but […]

Season 2 Episode 7 : Financial Knowledge is Power with Stacy Francis

stacy francis

  This week’s episode is all about getting control of your finances during a state of transition such as divorce. We hear from so many of our readers and writers about how they knew nothing about their finances during their marriages, giving full control to their husbands. But when things begin to go downhill in […]

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