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7 Celebrity Engagement Rings: Which Ones are the Best Match?

Celebrity Engagement Rings

What kind of engagement rings fit our favorite celebrities? Join us on a short flight of fancy as we discuss some celebs who are dating and advise their gentleman friends of what types of engagement rings would be most suitable if they were to propose.

Jennifer Lawrence

With her friendly, caring personality and classic sense of style, Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect candidate for a sleek, glamorous engagement ring. We wonder whether she and longtime partner Chris Lawrence will ever take their romance to the next level.

In the event Chris does ask Jennifer to marry him, we think it might be best to avoid too much bling and go for something more in keeping with his leading lady’s many philanthropic activities. As a former assistant nurse and official ambassador of the Special Olympics as well as the founder of the Jennifer Lawrence foundation, we think she might enjoy something that’s both beautiful and practical.

Champagne diamond ring

At Hollywood premieres and other red carpet events, Jennifer Lawrence has a tendency to stick to looks that are elegant yet understated. We’ve seen her wearing a variety of precious metals and gemstones, but notice that champagne diamonds look particularly stunning, complementing her natural beauty perfectly. An emerald-cut diamond set in rose gold with accent diamonds on the band would be ideal.

Jennifer Aniston

American actress and filmmaker Jennifer Aniston isn’t just Hollywood royalty; she has been voted Men’s Health magazine’s “Sexiest Woman of All Time.” Like many actresses, Jennifer worked hard and supported herself with part-time jobs before finally achieving the success she enjoys today. Her sense of style is the perfect match to her personality – fun, just a little edgy, and fairly laid back.

After recovering from her divorce from Brad Pitt, “America’s Sweetheart” dated Vince Vaughn, model Paul Sculfor, and John Mayer before embarking on a relationship with actor Justin Theroux. As the two have so far enjoyed a fairytale romance and purchased a home in Bel-Air together, we have high hopes for their lasting happiness. When Justin asked Jennifer for her hand in marriage, we were thrilled to see that he gave her the perfect celebrity engagement ring – one that’s well in keeping with her star status and impeccable sense of style.

Jennifer Aniston diamond ring

Jennifer Aniston rocks that rock! Oscars 2013

Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring is one no one knows much about yet. As we were able to see in photos from the Oscars, it’s a very simple yet stunning design with a setting in yellow gold featuring a diamond solitaire that’s estimated to be eight to nine carats.

Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian is one beauty we can’t seem to get enough of. Kim’s style is boldly, unapologetically glamorous, in keeping with her personality, and the gorgeous engagement ring Kanye West presented to her is the perfect complement to her stunning appearance.

Kim has been the lucky recipient of numerous celebrity engagement rings. After returning the 20.5 carat ring from her previous marriage to Kris Humphries, Kim was presented with a 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz sparkler. In fantastically public style, Kanye popped the question on San Francisco’s AT&T Park jumbotron and of course Kim gave an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Kim Kardashians engagement ring

Kanye took an active role in designing Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring: He told designer Lorraine Schwartz, who is a close friend of Kim’s, that he wanted only the best, and that he wanted the jaw-dropping 15-carat diamond he selected to look like it was floating on air. While there are a lot of celebrity engagement rings we don’t know much about, Kim and Kanye have given the public a great look at this particular one. Featuring a flawless type 2A D-stone cushion cut diamond, the ring is wonderfully sophisticated and is the perfect complement to Kim’s star-studded lifestyle.

Sandra Bullock

Actress Sandra Bullock is ranked as the second of Forbes’s most powerful actresses of 2014 and is one of our favorites. Following her divorce from Jesse James, is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes, and we have high hopes for her romantic success.

Should Sandra find a leading man worthy of her beautiful, philanthropic nature, we have some serious advice concerning celebrity engagement rings. Since her style is refined yet simple, with just the right touch of vintage glam, we’d love to recommend a unique platinum and diamond engagement ring that’s either vintage or vintage-inspired, much like the stunning chandelier earrings and other items she’s worn for past red carpet appearances.

Selena Gomez

It’s obvious that Selena Gomez cares deeply for Justin Bieber. Could a celebrity engagement ring be in the works in this up-and-down relationship? With her involvement in the Enough Project, which raises awareness about conflict minerals including blood diamonds, we know that Selena would insist upon a responsibly sourced diamond.

Selena Gomez engagement ring

Jewel’s ring is a great fit for Selena!

Selena’s personality is caring, as evidenced in her participation in a number of humanitarian efforts including her position as a UNICEF ambassador. Her style shows a fun, appealing touch of edginess. Should Justin decide that he’s ready to let love rule and propose, a thoroughly modern, unique engagement ring is definitely in order. Jewel’s 4-carat cushion cut sparkler is a great example of a one-of-a-kind celebrity engagement ring that manages to be edgy and elegant all at once.

Miley Cyrus

We – and the rest of the world – were worried and shocked when Miley Cyrus lost her engagement ring from Liam Helmsworth. The gorgeous 3.5-carat cushion-cut Neil Lane design was handcrafted of 18-carat yellow gold and is valued at approximately $100,000 – a great match for Miley’s beautiful blond looks and unique sense of style. Luckily, the ring was recovered.

Heidi Klums yellow diamond engagement ring

Now that it seems Miley is single again, we wonder whether a similar ring – or something completely different – might be in order if Miley meets Mr. Right sometime in the future. We love the warm look of gold with Miley’s coloring, and think an engagement ring like Heidi Klum’s famous bling from ex-husband Seal, which features an enormous inset yellow diamond, might be just the thing.


Following a very public, tragic breakup with Chris Brown, Rihanna dated Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp, then rekindled her relationship with Brown for a short time. We are optimistic that her future holds wonderful things for her, and hope she’ll soon enjoy a lifetime of love with someone who shares her deeply-held Christian ideals.

mariah carey engagement ring

Mariah Carey’s ring is perfect for a fellow diva!

Should the right man come along, we’ve got just a little advice concerning which type of celebrity engagement ring would be best for Rihanna, who is a caring philanthropist as well as a celebrated champion of fashion designers ranging from Armani to the French fashion house Balmain. Rihanna needs a ring that can be worn with a wide range of looks, such as the one worn by Mariah Carey, whom she names as a major influence. Given to her by Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is a 17-carat stunner by Jacob & Co. Featuring a square emerald-cut pink center diamond that’s surrounded by 58 darker pink diamonds, it has a half-moon diamond on each side and smaller diamonds on the band. The style is definitely diva-worthy, and it’s one of the most talked about celebrity engagement rings out there.


Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring

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