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Sapphires of the Stars

By Beth Bernstein   Women today are looking for more than status and megawatt bling from their engagement rings. Instead, they are opting for something unique and meaningful. Engagement rings with fancy colored diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies have been witnessing a comeback due to their rich history and symbolic meaning throughout time. Sapphires, in […]

Passion and Desire: the Romance of Rubies

Romance of Rudies Beth Bernstein

By Beth Bernstein   He would give up his crown to be by her side. But first, he gave her a necklace: a river of rubies and diamonds, revealing his devotion and inscribed to “My Wallis” with the date and his name. The love affair between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson is one of […]

Worthy’s Highest Estate Jewelry Auctions

baguette bracelet - Estate Jewelry Auctions

These five pieces of estate jewelry did not go unnoticed on our auction platform. Leave us a comment telling which one you like the most! Sell Your Jewelry Antique 1.20 CT European Cut Right Hand Ring One of our favorite estate jewelry pieces auctioned at Worthy is this beautiful 1.20 CT European cut diamond ring. […]

Five Iconic Jewels From The Edwardian/Belle Époque Periods

By Beth Bernstein Delicate. Lacy. Lighter than air. The Edwardian and Belle Époque Eras of jewelry from 1895-1915 are known for ultra-feminine styles that are still inspiring jewelry designers today. When Edward VII and his bride Alexandra of Denmark ascended the English throne, there was a more light-hearted feeling in upper crust society. Queen Alexandra […]

Jewelry Icons of the Victorian Age

By Beth Bernstein If you look at modern jewelry, you will find inspiration from every popular design from the Victorian Period. The symbolism and meaning of jewelry from this time left its mark on all the jewelry that followed, from the 19th through the 21st centuries. Victorian jewelry speaks to the cycles of life–birth, love, […]

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