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Worthy’s Highest Estate Jewelry Auctions

header - baguette bracelet

These five pieces of estate jewelry did not go unnoticed on our auction platform. Leave us a comment telling which one you like the most! Sell My Jewelry Antique 1.20 CT European Cut Right Hand Ring One of our favorite estate jewelry pieces auctioned at Worthy is this beautiful 1.20 CT European cut diamond ring. […]

Collecting Meaningful Jewelry Talismans


By Beth Bernstein Whether you are spiritual, sentimental or superstitious, there are certain motifs in antique and period jewelry that you might want to add to your collection to bring luck, love and protection to your life. These pieces reflect symbolism to which many women can relate: expressing your beliefs, representing your experiences or motivating […]

The Romance of Antique Engagement Rings


By Anthony DeMarco Even some of history’s greatest warriors had a soft spot when it came to love. Take Napoleon Bonaparte for example. At the age of 26, the man who would be Emperor of France was still working his way up the ranks of the French army. At the same time he was in […]

Private Eyes: Lover’s Eye Jewelry


By Beth Bernstein In the whirlwind around Valentine’s day, tokens of affection in jewelry can be found in advertisements, magazines features and on all forms of social media. But, as the saying goes “love is in the eye of the beholder” particularly when it comes to one of the most rare forms of romantic period […]

A New Mourning | A Closer Look at Mourning Jewelry

mourning jewelry blog

“It’s the romance of memory,” says Lenore Dailey, an antique dealer specializing in Georgian and Victorian jewels, when asked why once-neglected mourning, memorial, and memento mori jewelry is fetching high prices at auction and attracting a whole new generation of passionate collectors. At Sotheby’s on January 16, 2016, two mourning jewels containing George Washington’s hair […]

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