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Recreating the Past: The Boom in Conversion Jewelry

conversion jewelry -

Conversion jewelry began with a simple goal: to give new life to antique and vintage jewelry that wasn’t being worn in its original form. Victorian stick pins; small Victorian, Edwardian, and Retro brooches; tie tacks; and jeweled and cut steel buttons were the first pieces which were re-worked into wearable and chic rings and necklaces […]

The Top 4 Jewelry Trends of the 70’s


The feminist movement. Make love, not war. Disco nights. The seventies were a time of social upheaval and strong style statements. And the iconic 70’s Jewelry pieces that define 70’s jewelry trends of the era are just as bold: The Love Bracelet by Cartier, the Bone Cuff and open heart by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, […]

The Top Jewels and Watches of 2015

Top Jewelry Watches Gems 2015

They sparkle, dazzle, and shine with rare beauty. They broke records, set trends, and turned heads. The most important jewels and watches of 2015 will be remembered long after the year ends. We gathered a list of the most expensive jewelry, watches that broke new ground and engagement rings that made waves. Here are the […]

Passion and Desire: the Romance of Rubies

Romance of Rudies Beth Bernstein

He would give up his crown to be by her side. But first he gave her a necklace: a river of rubies and diamonds, revealing his devotion and inscribed to “My Wallis” with the date and his name. The love affair between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson is one of many to be written […]

Most Popular Engagement Rings – 2018

Most Popular Engagement Rings 2015

Engagement rings are all the same right? Well, not quite. In fact, there are endless variations in the setting, the type and quality of the center stone and more. That being said, there is of course a style that Americans choose more than others. So, what kind of engagement rings do most couples in America […]