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Top 7 British Royal Jewelry Pieces


British royal jewelry has captivated the world for thousands of years. We find marvel in everything from the treasures of ancient Egypt to contemporary pieces such as royal blue jewelry worn by princesses Diana and Kate. Many these treasures can be viewed in museums and in online galleries, and some are still worn by today’s […]

Your Guide to Smart Jewelry: Bracelets, Rings, Watches & More


Smart jewelry: It’s sleek and sophisticated, yet practical – and many pieces offer go-with-everything appeal. Thanks to an appealing combination of beauty, versatility, and functionality, more and more options are making their way into the marketplace. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular options with an eye toward helping you decide […]

Our New Favorite Trend: Jewelry Made with Real Flowers

Worthy_FloralJewelry_Article_1117_Header_1394x1102_01 (1)

Flowers are as unique as the individuals who choose them, and their beauty makes them some of nature’s most incredible treasures. The real flower jewelry trend lets you make the most of your favorite blossoms, with very practical resin-encased ones for everyday wear and spectacular fresh or preserved specimens that bring an added touch of […]

Game of Thrones Inspired Jewelry


Remember Game of Thrones season 5, when Daenerys is ambushed and fighting for her life before her dragon arrives and saves the day? The scene was amazing in terms of action – but it wasn’t just this well-engineered plot twist that caught viewers’ attention: Daenerys was wearing a brand-new piece of Game of Thrones Jewelry. […]

Choosing Your Earring Style to Fit the Occasion


A great pair of earrings complements your features as well as your outfit. In this quick guide, you will learn ten ways to choose the best earrings for any occasion. As you choose, remember that simply liking the design of a pair of earrings doesn’t mean that they will be a good match for your […]