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Your Guide to Smart Jewelry: Bracelets, Rings, Watches & More


Smart jewelry: It’s sleek and sophisticated, yet practical – and many pieces offer go-with-everything appeal. Thanks to an appealing combination of beauty, versatility, and functionality, more and more options are making their way into the marketplace. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular options with an eye toward helping you decide […]

Jewels of the Royal Wedding


By Ruth Lakin   Have you been secretly (or not so secretly) following the upcoming royal wedding on every outlet available? We have too. Whether it’s the appeal of the modern day fairytale (beautiful commoner marrying the handsome prince) or an obsession with the royal family sparked by “The Crown”, you are not alone. And […]

Top 10 Jewelry Brands in 2018: Classics with a Modern Twist

the best jewelry brands

Popular jewelry brands such as Tiffany & Co., Mikimoto, and Cartier have been around for decades, influencing other design houses and capturing the imaginations of jewelry lovers everywhere. Offering everything from classic engagement rings in celebration of the love of a lifetime to one-of-a-kind custom pieces for celebrities and royalty, top jewelry brands add sparkle […]

Pandora Jewelry: Collections That Tell Stories


Here at Worthy, we love helping our clients sell no-longer-wanted jewelry so that they can buy new pieces they actually like! In this series, we explore our clients’ favorite jewelry brands, starting with Pandora.   Founded in 1982, Pandora Jewelry has grown into one of the most popular jewelry manufacturers anywhere. Best-known for its unique, […]

Amethyst: History and Meaning of the Purple Gemstone


Amethyst is a stunning purple quartz crystal, and thanks to its regal color, it has been a favorite of royalty throughout the ages. Fine examples of amethyst are found among Britain’s crown jewels, and it was treasured by famous figures including Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, and Empress Josephine of France.   Amethyst Meaning Amethyst is […]

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