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Exploring Personalized Jewelry: Custom Designed Rings, Necklaces, and Earrings

Worthy_PersonalizedJewelry_Article_0617_FB_1200x633_01 (1)

Personalized jewelry has been popular for centuries. Signet rings, monogram jewelry, and other designs are highly symbolic, and it’s not at all surprising that customized rings, necklaces, and earrings remain so popular today.   Choosing Personalized Name Jewelry Whether you’d like to design your own necklace pendant or have an ID bracelet made for someone […]

10 Most Popular Tiffany Jewelry Designs

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In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young went into business, opening a “fancy goods” store in New York City. Known as “Tiffany, Young, and Ellis,” this little company soon became one of the world’s most distinguished retailers, and its popularity continues today. We hope you enjoy this catalogue of some of the most […]

5 Jewelry Designers that Hold Their Value

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When choosing jewelry as an investment, it’s best to consider whether it will hold its value. In some cases, trendy jewelry seems like a great investment since it comes with a high price tag; but disappointment sets in once the trend has lost its foothold, and investors are left with a sparkly bauble that won’t […]

An Engagement Ring of a Different Color


By Anthony DeMarco Thanks to De Beers, white diamonds paired with white metals is by far the most established and popular design for engagement rings. White is the color of purity, perfection and new beginnings, certainly all symbols befitting a wedding. It’s an image that’s difficult to compete with as colored gemstone companies have learned. […]

Makeover Your Engagement Ring


By Beth Bernstein Did you know that two style icons, Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor, both reset their engagement rings? The First Lady added more diamonds and the Duchess of Windsor went for a more current shank than her original one. Although they both had emerald engagement rings, these legendary women proved that […]