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How Does Your Jewelry Reflect Your Personality?


Have you ever wondered what your choice of jewelry says about you? While personality is a highly complex issue, jewelry is a tool that you can use to make a statement to others about who you are. If you take a moment to think about what jewelry says about the people you know as well […]

Top 10 Celebrity Jewelry Looks


Here at Worthy, we’re fascinated with celebrity jewelry. For example, Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond collection gets lots of attention for being among the most impressive in the world; and she’s just one of Hollywood’s jewelry icons. With so many A-listers to choose from, we had a lot of fun curating this list. With no further ado, […]

Exploring Alternative Engagement Rings


When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds have been the stone of choice for nearly 100 years. But these days, alternative engagement rings are more popular than ever, with lots of colorful gemstones taking the spotlight. Unconventional wedding bands are also gaining popularity; some are made with durable metals meant to withstand rugged use, and […]

Top Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

Worthy_Jewelry-TrendsforFall2017_Article_0817_Header_01 (1)

The 2017 jewelry trend forecast is out for fall and winter, and what we’re seeing so far is interesting. Beautiful floral designs, some truly stunning geometrics, and plenty of gorgeous gemstones are making their way onto runways. Not surprisingly, statement jewelry is taking center stage.   Bold Necklaces Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, and […]