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Your Guide to Smart Jewelry: Bracelets, Rings, Watches & More

Just like smart watches, smart jewelry is sleek and sophisticated, yet practical – and many pieces offer go-with-everything appeal. Thanks to an appealing combination of beauty, versatility, and functionality, more and more options are making their way into the marketplace. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular options with an eye toward helping you decide which is the best smart jewelry design for your unique needs.

Sell Inherited Jewelry With Trust

Sell Inherited Jewelry With Trust

Tory Burch for Fitbit

Track activity in style with beautiful cuff smart jewelry from top designer Tory Burch. A range of gorgeous designs in popular colors and gleaming metallic lets you keep on top of your game, ensure you get plenty of sleep and remember to get up and move when you’ve been parked behind your desk for too long. Like many other Fitbit accessories, Tory Burch smart jewelry sends reminders when you need them most.

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Images courtesy of Motiv.

Images courtesy of Motiv.



An alternative to the more run-of-the-mill fitness trackers, Motiv offers all of the aspects you’re looking for in a smaller package- a ring! The Motiv ring tracks length and type of activity, heart rate, amount of burned calories, steps, distance and sleep through your finger. It syncs wirelessly with your device so if you don’t feel like taking your phone into your spinning class or on your run, just keep the ring on and all of the data will upload to the corresponding Motiv app. The ring includes chargers which you can use from your computer or keychain and the company will send a sizing kit to you before the final product to make sure it’s the right fit. And it comes in the trendy options of slate gray and rose gold.


Michael Kors Access Wearables

Beautiful smartwatches and hybrid smartwatches with a variety of appealing straps in popular colors are just the beginning. The Michael Kors Access collection also includes sophisticated activity trackers in silver, gold, and rose gold, all designed to help keep your look on point while monitoring sleep, counting steps, and meeting important goals. We especially love the Reade bracelet in rose gold – it’s part of Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop collection, with each sale benefiting the World Food Programme.



Imagine the ability to take notes without typing, and without having to reach for your phone. Senstone offers the simple, sophisticated look of an onyx cabochon, yet it captures ideas, reminders, and much more. Both attractive and versatile, it can be worn in smart pendant, bracelet, or clip form. Like many other smart jewelry options, Senstone interacts with a variety of apps.



Photo courtesy: Senstone


Leaf Urban by Bellabeat

Clip it onto clothing, wear it as a necklace, or enjoy the look of a sleek, contemporary bracelet in your choice of silver or rose gold. Leaf Urban is a water-resistant activity tracker that monitors movement and sleep, plus it offers a feature that helps you manage stress. Guided meditation sessions, period tracking, and a fertility calendar are additional features that make Leaf Urban one of Bellabeat’s best smart jewelry options. If the Urban isn’t quite your style, you’re in luck: Bellabeat offers a few other styles, all with robust functionality and plenty of visual appeal.



Leaf Urban by Bellabeat


Fossil Q Tailor

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that Fossil’s Q Tailor is a smartwatch. Available in four colors with interchangeable straps, it’s far more than just a classic-looking timepiece. Offering the look of an analog watch and featuring an integrated fitness tracker, it works with a variety of apps and allows you to stay on top of important alerts, control music, track sleep, and even take photos. The Fossil Q Tailor is compatible with iOS and Android phones.



Photo courtesy: Misfit


Misfit Ray

You might be familiar with the Misfit Shine – it’s one of the most popular smart jewelry options available. Misfit recently expanded its offerings with the Ray, which is a sleek cylinder of anodized aluminum, and which comes in a huge array of colors including beautiful metallics that make it hard to believe that this is actually a swimproof fitness tracker. Besides boasting a variety of fitness-related features, Misfit Ray alerts you when a call or text is incoming plus it lets you control your music, snap photos, and much more. As smart jewelry goes, it’s extremely versatile: While the unit comes with a single fitness-oriented strap in your choice of color, Misfit offers a variety of accessories that let you customize your Ray so that it looks more like upscale jewelry than a fitness tracker: A lariat necklace, a double-wrap leather band, and beautiful paracord bands with tassels and gold accents are just a few options.


Image courtesy of Fitbit.

Image courtesy of Fitbit.


FITBIT FLEX 2 Accessories

The traditional Fitbit bracelet has been transformed with the introduction of the Flex 2 accessories which offers bangles and pendant necklaces as part of their luxe collection. The devices are available in silver, gold and rose gold which allows you pair them with your regular jewelry. Flex 2 allows for all-day activity and sleep tracking as well as friendly reminders to move and reach an hourly goal of 250 steps. With these new accessories, Fitbit is giving users the freedom to keep their own style and stay fit simultaneously.


Jewelry that also makes your life easier? Yes, that's possible. Here are the trendiest smart jewelry lines.
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