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How to Keep the Marital Home After Divorce

keep marital home after divorce

By Laurie Itkin   As a financial advisor and certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), I help men and women navigate important financial issues that need to be addressed in every divorce. The first question most people ask themselves is, “Where will I and my children live after the divorce?”   When I meet with a […]

How to Build a Loving Relationship with Your Money

Relationship With Money

By Laurie Itkin   There are thousands of books and articles written on how to improve your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Sometimes relationships do not work out and you have to part ways. You may need to divorce your spouse. Unfortunately, you can never divorce your money.   Money is with you […]

How to Take Money Out of Your Retirement Plan

Take Money Out of Your Retirement Plan

By Marla Brill   Congratulations! For decades, you’ve been saving, saving, and saving some more for retirement. Maybe you even have money in a combination of retirement savings plans that may include a traditional tax-deferred IRA, a 401(k), Roth IRA, or taxable accounts.   Now that you’re ready to retire, the question is how to […]

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