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Stunning Colored Rings Auctioned at Worthy

Colored Rings Auctioned at Worthy

  Whether you are looking for a different look for your engagement ring or to bring some color to your hands, colored diamonds and gemstones can be a stunning way to bring something new to a ring. And for those looking to add some extra meaning to a piece of jewelry, gemstones and their interesting […]

All the Details on Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga at the premiere of ‘A Star Is Born’ during the 75th Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2018 in Venice, Italy. Photo credit: Andrea Raffin /   Lady Gaga has been in the news a lot lately – first for her incredible performance in ‘A Star is Born’ and now for her […]

The 15 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

When a celebrity gets engaged, the bling is often blinding. Mariah Carey’s new ice-cube sized ring got us thinking. How does it compare? What are the most expensive engagement rings of all time? We did the research and discovered ten rings that truly rock. How To Sell a Ring Here are the top celebrity engagement […]

Jewelry Insurance – What Your Unworn Jewelry is Costing You

cost of unworn jewelry insurance

By Marla Brill   At first, jewelry passed down by an inheritance or gift is filled with possibilities. You may wonder how you can show off your new necklace, ring, or broach, and what dresses it will look good with them. Perhaps you even think about how you can repurpose them into more modern looking […]

Estate Jewelry Provenance and Value

Estate Jewelry Provenance and Value

By David Federman   Most jewelry is valued for what it is–an object whose worth is determined by its design, materials, quality and condition. But some jewelry is also valued for who made it or owned it. The documented history of a piece of jewelry is called its provenance. Proven creation by a celebrated designer […]

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