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What Your Unworn Jewelry is Costing You


By Marla Brill   At first, jewelry passed down by an inheritance or gift is filled with possibilities. You may wonder how you can show off your new necklace, ring, or broach, and what dresses it will look good with them. Perhaps you even think about how you can repurpose them into more modern looking […]

Estate Jewelry Provenance and Value


By David Federman   Most jewelry is valued for what it is–an object whose worth is determined by its design, materials, quality and condition. But some jewelry is also valued for who made it or owned it. The documented history of a piece of jewelry is called its provenance. Proven creation by a celebrated designer […]

The Jewels That Made Elvis King


How much value does celebrity appeal add to jewelry and watches? It depends. Case in point: seven jewels and two watches were placed on auction in January 2016 along with approximately 120 other items. In terms of material, they are unremarkable, low-karat gold (10k and 14k) set with diamonds and gems with seemingly little significance. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Jewelry Online


Your personal tastes and needs, in jewelry modify as your lifestyle changes. Maybe you are getting divorced, or remarrying, and the jewelry from that old relationship is no longer appropriate. Perhaps you inherited jewelry that does not fit your personal style, or possibly there is a piece of jewelry in your drawer you have not […]

Hublot Big Bang Auctions for $6,255!


The Hublot Big Bang watch sure makes a statement. This sporty luxury watch provides the perfect balance of form and function without too much flash. We were happy to help the owner of this watch get the best deal possible, with the final offer surpassing the initial estimate! Watch Details: Case Material: Stainless Steel Bracelet/Band: […]

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