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1.3ct Solitaire Diamond Ring Auctions for $3,420!

1.3ct solitaire diamond ring

This client got a great start to her Easter festivities with the sale of her old diamond engagement ring! Jessica came to us because she was ready to sell her ring and did not have time to go from jeweler to jeweler trying to get the best offer. We were glad to help her and ended up getting the offer that she was looking for! After a brief, but very competitive auction Jessica’s unworn diamond ring was sold to the highest bidder. So, how was Jessica able to get such a good deal for her ring? Well it sure helped that she had a GIA certificate handy and we were able to quickly verify the details. See what our appraiser found during the evaluation below:

Diamond Detail Breakdown:
Center Stone
Shape: Round
Carat: 1.30-1.36 ct
Color: J
Clarity: SI1
Fluorescence: Blue
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Setting: Platinum
Certificate: GIA

Final Deal Amount: $3,420

If you would like diamond buyers to compete for your diamond jewelry, auction your diamond ring with Worthy!

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