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5 Stunning Colored Rings Auctioned at Worthy

What we like the most about gemstones and colored diamonds is that they add personality and meaning to any piece of jewelry. Whether it is an engagement or anniversary ring, or an inherited antique item, color stone pieces can be highly valuable according to their rarity and design.

Here are 5 stunning colored rings recently auctioned at Worthy that we fell in love with!


1. Vintage Tiffany & Co Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow sapphires are known for their mystical properties. But this unique yellow sapphire ring awakened the interest of hundreds of buyers for many more reasons. A true precious antique, the Tiffany & Co piece from the 50’s contains a 7.82 CT cushion shape, unheated yellow sapphire. The rock is surrounded by 40 old-mine shape diamonds with a total weight of 1 CT. No wonder why this sparkler was sold for $7,065!


2. Diamond and Sapphire Bridal Set Ring

This beautiful bridal set was recently sold at auction for $1,638. The ring contains a GIA graded 0.50 CT round cut diamond, with color D and IF clarity. The engagement ring is surrounded by 14 blue sapphires with a total weight of 0.50 CT, and another minor stone batch of 5 diamonds with a total weight of 0.10 CT. This item is a great example of how blue sapphires can add intensity to a classic design.


3. Emerald and Diamonds 3 Stone Ring

Known as the gem of spring, emerald is also the gemstone often chosen for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. This vibrant ring has a 2.50 CT emerald cut natural emerald stone, escorted by two diamonds with a total weight of 0.6 CT. This gorgeous piece was sold for $1,260 just a couple of months ago.


4. Oval Cut Pink Sapphires Ring

Pink sapphires are the rarest of their gemstone family. They are less expensive than fascinating pink diamonds, but still have that delicate, feminine essence. Like this eye-catching right hand ring, recently auctioned for $630. This sophisticated piece is made of 18K gold and the central stone is a 7.00 CT oval cut natural light-pink sapphire. The stone is surrounded by halo of 22 full cut diamonds and the band is covered with 60 light to deep-pink sapphires.

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5. Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

Colored diamonds can be very valuable, and this ring makes no exception. The piece -recently sold at auction for $3,150- contains a 2.03 CT radiant shape natural yellow diamond, with SI2 clarity and very good cut. The two side stones are also yellow diamonds with a total weight of 0.36 CT. The edges are covered with 102 minor diamonds that add up 1.04 CT.

Did you love these rings as much as we did? Check out more recent deals here!

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