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Brilliant Diamond Bridal Set Auctions at $5,130!

1.46ct round diamond bridal set

The sheer number and variety of diamonds in this bridal set is impressive and makes quite a bold statement. The centerpiece of it all, the engagement ring features a 1.5 ct round diamond, complimented by two pear-shaped stones. The outer bands are simple in themselves, but combine with the engagement ring to make a great set. The auction for this diamond bridal set was quite competitive, resulting in a more than satisfactory deal.

Diamond Breakdown

Center Stone
Shape: Round
Carat: 1.46 ct
Color: I-J
Clarity: SI1-SI2
Fluorescence: None
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair
Setting: 14 kt White Gold
Certificate: None

Side Stones
Number of stones: 2
Shape: Pear
Total Carat Weight: .40 cttw
Color: H-I
Clarity: SI2

Minor Stones
Number of stones: 38
Shape: Round
Total Carat Weight: .76 cttw
Color: H-I
Clarity: SI2

Final Deal Amount: $5,130

If you would like diamond buyers to compete for your diamond jewelry, get started today!

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