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European Art Deco Diamond Ring Sells for $4,550!

Art Deco European cut diamond ring

This beautiful antique ring is a truly unique piece. It is an authentic Early Art Deco filigree diamond ring circa 1925. Following a common jewelry construction technique of the period, the platinum in this ring is die-struck, hand pierced and hand engraved. The center diamond is european cut and weighs between 1.61 – 1.65cts. Given its age the stone was found to be in pretty good condition with only very minor chipping along the girdle. The side diamonds are also in relatively good condition with some signs of repair in the mounting. Overall, this is a very unique ring and was a joy for our antique and diamond experts to evaluate.

Even more interestingly, this ring was initially estimated to sell for a mere $1,400 when in the end, the seller got $4,550 for it! We never tire of finding the right buyer for such a beautiful item and getting our clients what they deserve. Do you have an Art Deco diamond ring or jewelry that you would like to sell? Get started today!

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