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Cartier Gold Necklace Auctions for $6,750!

Cartier 18kt gold necklace

Cartier has long been associated with the word luxury, producing some of the most elegant jewelry in the world. They have produced jewelry for every occasion from royal balls to everyday elegance. This particular piece, from the Penelope line, is closer to the latter category and emits complete confidence. It has the craftsmanship that Cartier is known for with a versatility and modernity that can be enjoyed for this and future generations. The necklace is comprised purely of 18kt gold links with the signature “Double C’s” in the middle as a pressure clasp.

The necklace itself was quite popular at auction making it a smooth sale. What helped even more was that this particular client included the original Cartier box and certificate that came with the necklace. This enabled us to provide a very accurate estimate and to sell her item quickly at best price. We even beat her local jeweler’s offer by $2,000!

If you are interested in having your own Cartier jewelry auction, contact us and we’ll get you started!

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