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Diamond Stud Earrings Fetch $6,568!

2.50 CT Round Cut Stud Earring

Oh how they sparkle! Surely, it was enough to catch the attention of dozens of diamond buyers at auction. These 2.5 ct round cut diamond stones are traditionally set in classic prong settings, complimenting the stones, and showing off every facet. Now this fabulous pair of earrings will be enjoyed by a new owner while the seller benefits from serious cash in her pocket!

Diamond Breakdown

Center Stone
Shape: Round
Carat: 2.50 ct
Color: I
Clarity: I2
Fluorescence: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Setting: 14 kt Gold
Certificate: None

Final Deal Amount: $6,568

If you would like diamond buyers to compete for your diamond jewelry, get started today!

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  1. French Antiques says:

    I am really impressed with these diamond rings designs that will best gift for love birds to give each other on engagement ceremony to make it memorable whole life. I want to one diamond ring to my friend, who is going to marred soon.

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