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Top 5 Most Extravagant Diamond Rings Auctioned at Worthy

Here at Worthy, we constantly see beautiful pieces of jewelry come and go. While we love the classic round cut solitaire diamond rings, we have a soft spot for unique, even, flamboyant pieces of jewelry. We decided to take another look and pick our favorites and here are the winners:


1.75 CT Round Cut Cluster Ring sold at Worthy.

Flower-Shaped Cluster Ring

The cluster setting is the less-famous sibling of the halo setting. With a trend peak during the 70’s, this style has been making a comeback during the last years. This 1.75 CT round cut diamond ring stands out from the rest not just for the original design, but for its mega shining flower-shaped cluster. The clarity grading of the rock (VS2) and its color H contributed a lot to the value of the ring, whose final offer was $6,390.


1.08 CT Round Cut Right Hand Ring sold at Worthy.

Artistic Re-Mounted Diamond Ring

If Kandinsky had been a jeweler, this is how his work would’ve looked like. This ring definitely caught our attention! When it comes to re-mounted diamond rings, there are infinite possibilities, and this ring is a true proof of it. The main stone weights 1.08 CT and was graded with color J-K, I1 clarity and fair cut. As our professional buyers know to value originality, this ring was auctioned for $1,372.


6.08 CT Oval Cut Solitaire Ring Sold at Auction.

Textured Oval Cut Solitaire Ring

This sparkler not only stands out for its serious 6.08 CT diamond, but also for its original design. A twisted oval cut stone combined with an irregularly textured band is for sure a very rarely seen style in engagement rings. According to the GIA grading, the stone is color M, clarity I1 and the cut is good. We know our buyers appreciate a good big stone, so when this ring was brought to us, we knew that it would be just a matter of hours for the highest offer to show up. This item was recently sold for $10,957.


2.07 CT Emerald Cut Ring auctioned at Worthy.

Emerald Cut 3 Stone Ring

Sold in one of our most recent auctions, this piece is definitely eye-catching. As if an amazing 2.07 CT emerald cut diamond wasn’t enough, the central stone is escorted by two diamonds and surrounded by 36 minor stones. With a very good cut, color E and a clarity grading of VS1, according to the GIA report, it is no wonder that this item was auctioned for the astonishing number of $13,500.


.92 CT Round Cut Bridal Set sold at auction.

Outstanding Round Cut Bridal Set

If there is one ring that didn’t pass unnoticed by our buyers network, that’s this round cut bridal set ring. Bridal sets are very classic, but they also create the opportunity to design the most fascinating pieces. In this case, the symmetrical bridal set has a .92 CT, color I-J, clarity SI2 and good cut central stone, surrounded by 18 baguette-shaped diamonds and 18 minor round-shaped diamonds. This dazzling piece was sold for $2,034.

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