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Famous Necklaces Worthy of Their Roles

Famous Necklaces Worthy of Their Roles

Costumes and jewelry have always played a significant role in adding elements of drama, history, and beauty on-screen. We decided to take a closer look at the famous necklaces that have impressed us both in fantasy and reality. Prior to sending items to GIA for a professional grading, our team of experts evaluates pieces of […]

The Premium of a Brand: Cartier


Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones, and the price per carat can go sky-high. Here at Worthy, we auction some very valuable diamonds, some fetching prices exceeding $100,000! In fact, diamonds make up 80% of the value in a piece. However, it turns out that a brand name can be even more value-adding than the […]

Ladies Rolex Yachtmaster – SOLD!


We just can’t get enough of all these lady-like luxury timepieces! This Ladies Rolex Yacht Master brings together form and function flawlessly. Made of steel & 18K gold, with a deep blue dial, this two-tone watch is very versatile. Watch dimensions and details: Measures Approx.: 7″ Bezel including Crown Measures Approx.: 31mm Lug to Lug […]

Diamond Stud Earrings SOLD for $4,000!

.95ct round diamond stud earrings with 14k backings

A pair of stud diamond earrings is a staple in any wardrobe or jewelry collection. They are pretty common, but these are of good quality and are quite versatile. These were likely sold in order to fund a size upgrade or a new piece altogether. Whatever the reason, this client definitely got top dollar after […]

Patek Philippe Naviquartz Clock Auctions for Over $3,000!


In the late 1960s Patek Philippe Geneve released a limited line of clocks, the Naviquartz line. Just a few weeks ago we were fortunate to see one for ourselves, and get our client a handsome offer – beating out similar offers from Christie’s and eBay! The evaluation revealed the following details prior to auction: Clock […]

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