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5 Impressive Celebrity Jewelry Auctions


Some of our most loved celebrities not only shined for their talent or personality, but also for their refined taste and their stunning jewelry collections. With Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction on the horizon, we decided to go over some of the most unforgettable and record-setting jewelry collection auctions. Whether due to their iconic items, […]

A Stunning Fancy Yellow Diamond Arrives for Auction!

btrc header (1)

As told by Roy Albers – Vice President, Chief Gemologist at Worthy Recently we had a client submit a diamond ring using our online submission form. Like many of our sellers, he entered what he thought described the diamond he had – a beautiful diamond ring that he inherited from his mom, not one […]

Beyond the Round Cut: Unique Diamond Shapes

GIA 1.04 CT Marquise Cut Bridal Set Ring sold at Worthy for $3,717.

Here at Worthy, we’ve auctioned hundreds of diamond rings, and we’ve seen many different diamond shapes. While Round and Princess cut diamonds make for timeless ring designs, other shapes like Marquise or Cushion cut are the perfect choice when distinction is what you’re aiming for. There are many alternatives when it comes to diamond shapes. […]

5 Stunning Colored Rings Auctioned at Worthy


What we like the most about gemstones and colored diamonds is that they add personality and meaning to any piece of jewelry. Whether it is an engagement or anniversary ring, or an inherited antique item, color stone pieces can be highly valuable according to their rarity and design. Here are 5 stunning colored rings recently […]

Top 5 Most Extravagant Diamond Rings Auctioned at Worthy


Here at Worthy, we constantly see beautiful pieces of jewelry come and go. While we love the classic round cut solitaire diamond rings, we have a soft spot for unique, even, flamboyant pieces of jewelry. We decided to take another look and pick our favorites and here are the winners: Flower-Shaped Cluster Ring The cluster […]