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For What It’s Worth: Jewelry of Elvis Presley


How much value does celebrity appeal add to jewelry and watches? It depends. Case in point: seven jewels and two watches were placed on auction on January 7 along with approximately 120 other items. In terms of material they are unremarkable, low-karat gold (10k and 14k) set with diamonds and gems with seemingly little significance. […]

Estate Jewelry Provenance and Value

Custom made Italian bracelet

Most jewelry is valued for what it is–an object whose worth is determined by its design, materials, quality and condition. But some jewelry is also valued for who made it or owned it. The documented history of a piece of jewelry is called its provenance. Proven creation by a celebrated designer or company or prior […]

Top 5 Pre-Owned Luxury Marketplaces Online

Worthy_Top6OnlineMarketplace_1216_Header_697x283_01-01 (1)

Luxury is certainly a relative term, but there is no doubt that high-end fashion, jewelry, collectibles, vehicles and vacation rentals are in a league of their own. When comparing the world’s premier luxury online marketplaces, credibility is paramount. Among others, online shoppers seeking luxury items are concerned first and foremost with three variables: security, quality […]

Rolex EXP II “Steve McQueen” Watch Auctions for $9,600!

Rolex Explorer II Steve Mcqueen watch

Most high performance watches are built for yacht racing, flying, diving, and driving. The Rolex Explorer II is a different story entirely in that it was designed very specifically for spelunkers. The most obvious feature geared towards cave explorers is the bright red/orange hand. As one can imagine, cave explorers spend most of their time […]

Gorgeous Yellow & White Diamond Ring Dazzles at Auction!

Yellow and White diamond ring

This diamond ring has everything you could possibly want in a single piece. From the element of design to the sheer beauty of the diamonds, it is no wonder there was such competition for it at auction. The ring includes three pear cut fancy yellow diamonds, each surrounded by a halo of white diamonds following […]