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Patek Philippe Naviquartz Clock Auctions for Over $3,000!


In the late 1960s Patek Philippe Geneve released a limited line of clocks, the Naviquartz line. Just a few weeks ago we were fortunate to see one for ourselves, and get our client a handsome offer – beating out similar offers from Christie’s and eBay! The evaluation revealed the following details prior to auction: Clock […]

Gorgeous Graff Eternity Ring – Auctioned for $7,300!


Graff Diamonds is a legacy brand that only uses high-quality stones in their jewelry pieces. This 18-diamond eternity ring was no exception and attracted a high volume of competitive bids! Diamond Ring Breakdown Number of stones: 18 Total Carat Weight: 5.41cts Diamond Shape: Asscher Color Grades: F-G Clarity Grades: VVS2-SI1 Setting: Platinum Type: Prong We […]

Rare Patek Philippe Calatrava Auctions for $34,000!

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5565

This Patek Philippe Calatrava 5565 was brought to us by a very serious watch collector looking to take his collection in a new direction. We were not only happy to help him but also excited by this rare timepiece. The Patek Philippe Calatrava 5565 was released in 2006 as a limited edition of 300 in […]

2.5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring – Auctioned for $5,300!


This oval diamond ring is nothing short of a showstopper and was quite popular among our diamond buyers. After we sent out the photographs and professional description of the ring, to our buyer network, over 70 buyers got in the game and placed their competitive bids. Prior to the auction, the diamond evaluation revealed the […]

4.5ct Engagement Ring Fetches $25,000!

4.45ct Princess cut 3-stone diamond ring

This dazzling engagement ring is surely fit for a princess and caused quite a stir among our diamond buyers! The main stone is a whopping 4.54ct princess cut diamond complimented by two smaller side stones of comparable quality. We were happy to help this client walk away with a great deal – another win-win! Diamond […]

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