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A Stunning Fancy Yellow Diamond Arrives for Auction!

Yellow Diamond

As told by Roy Albers – Chief Gemologist at Worthy

Recently we had a client submit a diamond ring using our online submission form. Like many of our sellers, he entered what he thought described the diamond he had – a beautiful diamond ring that he inherited from his mom, not one he wanted to keep but rather sell and put the money towards something he could personally enjoy. He submitted the item online as a 3 stone platinum, 5.0 ct, old mine shaped, fancy colored VS2 diamond ring. Speaking with our client, as we like to do to build trust, we helped to coordinate the complimentary and insured FedEx pickup from his home.

The ring arrived in our offices and indeed it was a beautiful diamond ring. It was quite impressive, but it was not exactly what the client thought he had. While he did do his due diligence by shopping it around locally first, the offers he was originally given, weren’t honest. In fact, we at Worthy revealed that his diamond was twice the quoted carat weight, and thus far more valuable than he was told.

Preparing the diamond for auction, like for all our diamonds, included securing a GIA grading report. Our belief that we had a real rare gem on our hamds was proven correct, when GIA graded the diamond as a 10.01 ct, radiant cut, fancy color, SI2 diamond! Sharing the real attributes with the client, was news beyond his imagination. He couldn’t believe his good luck and appreciated our honesty and transparency. Worthy had given him the true facts on his diamond allowing him to learn its true worth.

GIA 10.01 CT Radiant Cut 3 Stone Ring Auctioned at Worthy for $78,185.

GIA 10.01 CT Radiant Cut 3 Stone Ring Auctioned at Worthy for $78,185.

Thanks to the Worthy Diamond Value Calculator, we were able to calculate the diamond’s market value assessing it in real-time market conditions. It is this true market value that drives the Worthy auction. Once the appraisal process was completed, we were ready to watch this diamond rock our online auction platform!

Multiple buyers eyed this stunning find and multiple bids came in for this unique diamond opportunity. Upon completion of the 3-day auction, the final bid of $78,185 was confirmed. The buyers were thrilled to bid on such a stunning diamond and the seller was ever grateful to get far more than he ever thought for his mom’s old diamond ring. New joys do lie in old jewelry boxes!

The US Households are the latest diamond “mine”. These are the unique opportunities and stories that “mining” the US Households have to offer. Finds like this may be one in a million, but helping clients discover the true value of their diamonds is not uncommon for us here at Worthy. So when you find yourself asking “where do I sell my diamond ring with someone I can trust?” The answer is simple:

Like this stunning Fancy Yellow diamond, with Worthy you can rest assured that you’ll get the most for your diamond jewelry.


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  1. I love the yellow diamond ring. My birthstone is yellow. When will it be auctioned? Please contact me.

    • weditor says:

      Hi Natividad, we also love yellow diamonds! This stunning fancy yellow diamond was auctioned earlier this year in May, and it was sold for $78,185. Do you have a yellow diamond you want to sell? Contact us at and we will help you get the most for it!

  2. claudio siffredi says:


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