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Top 10 Featured Auctions in November

Top 10 Featured Auctions in November

We are thrilled to share some of the most charming jewelry and watches auctioned on our platform in November! With more and more clients looking to turn no-longer-wanted items into money for their next project, we are receiving stunning jewelry that we just can’t get enough of. From vibrant ruby and sapphire jewelry, to eye-catching diamond rings, we’ve handpicked our 10 favorite auctions of the month. Enjoy!

Through complimentary jewelry consultations, followed by a thorough GIA diamond grading, we help our clients find out the value of their items. See below how much these pieces sold for!


  1. GIA 2.01 CT round cut bridal set ring, J, SI2 sold at auction for $7,766.

  3. Cartier 2302 Tank Francaise 631412CE sold at auction for $1,530.

  5. Antique 5.11 CT oval cut sapphire 3 stone ring, blue, SI1-SI2 sold at auction for $20,105.

  7. GIA 1.05 CT emerald cut pendant necklace, G, SI1 sold at auction for $2,260.

  9. GIA 2.07 CT radiant cut 3 stone ring, I, SI1 sold at auction for $7,902.

  11. Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet sold at auction for $4,365.

  13. Vacheron Constantin 81180000G-9117 Patrimony Grand Taille 1235791 sold at auction for $3,510.

  15. GIA 1.50 CT cushion cut halo ring, I, SI1 sold at auction for $4,271.

  17. Oval cut ruby drop earrings sold at auction for $1,263.

  19. GIA 1.18 CT marquise cut 3 stone ring, H, SI1 sold at auction for $3,235.
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  1. Lucila says:

    How do i participate in yours auctions?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Worthy Team,

    I have a 18k dome ring with 20 diamonds round cut pave set totaling 3.5 Carat all I/SI3 rated which weighs over 20 grams. My local jewelry store gave a replacement value of 10,600 dollars and I would like you to look at it to see if you are interested in selling it through your auctions for me. But I cannot describe my ring through your website due to the limiting information you grade the value of the ring on. (basically based on the center stone) Can you provide me with an alternative means of getting it valued and into your auction?

    • Worthy Team says:

      Hi Daniel, Buyers that participate in our auctions are seeking out diamonds or jewelry with diamonds weighing at least .75cts each. We want to make sure you get the best offer possible and it looks like that may be with another service. We appreciate you reaching out to us and wish you all the best in getting the offers you deserve!

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