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Smartwatches vs Traditional Watches in 2019


We’ve seen the question of smart watches vs. traditional ones quite a lot lately. Smartwatches are convenient and useful, and let’s admit it – they’re fun to wear. Designers are adding sleek, stylish touches, making them more attractive than the original designs, and some companies are offering hybrid smartwatches that offer an appealing combination of […]

Watch out, Mr. Bond! 007’s Watches in Review


007’s watches from “Dr. No” to “Spectre” You don’t have to be a die-hard James Bond fan to know that 007 has a license to kill and one for lucrative product endorsements. From Bond’s earliest appearance in the novels of Ian Fleming, the author was meticulous about the type of watch his hero should wear. […]

5 Minutes With Watch Anish


By Cheryl Kremkow   Worthy recently had a chance to talk to Anish Bhatt, better known to the watch world as Watch Anish about watch collecting. Anish is the founder & CEO of Lion Luxe Media and, a leading online luxury lifestyle media platform. Anish is an internationally renowned Instagram personality and expert in […]

All You Need to Know About Rolex Watches


Rolex watches marry function with style, making a statement like no other. We invite you to strap on your Submariner and take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Rolex, as we explore the brand’s history and much more.   Rolex Brand and History If you consider Rolex to be one of Switzerland’s top […]

3 Top Luxury Watch Brands With History

baume et mercier pocketwatch

Centuries ago, these firms were already setting the pace for the progress of the watchmaking industry. Admired by Kings, Emperors, prominent artists and Popes, these luxury watch brands have been behind some of the major innovations that allow us to enjoy the incredible timepieces we have today. Get to know three brands that changed the […]

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