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What Does Your Watch Say About You?

What Does Your Watch Say About You

Some believe that a watch is simply a tool; a timepiece that can perhaps do other things. But just like rings and other accessories, watches serve as an outlet for expressing personality. Whether you’re male or female, it’s also true that your timepiece has a message to send others. What your watch says about you […]

The Noteworthy Series: Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II Review

rolex gmt master review

  Welcome to our Rolex NoteWorthy series! The next two watches we’re reviewing are the Rolex GMT-Master and Rolex GMT-Master II, both based on Rolex’s highly successful and innovative multiple time-zone aviator watch.   Rolex GMT-Master Review & History The ultimate in travel timepieces when it was introduced back in the 1950’s, the GMT- Master […]

The NoteWorthy Series: Rolex Date/Datejust l,II Review

rolex datejust review

  The Rolex Date/Datejust made in both mens and womens sizes, is a mix of lines made of different metals (steel, steel/gold, gold) and sometimes combined with precious stones and diamonds. These models exist in a variety of sizes, bracelets and dial combinations. As they all share the date display feature, they can be considered […]

6 Common Myths About Genuine vs. Fake Watches

Panerai Luminor - Genuine vs Fake Watches

By Adam R. Harris   Two things never fail to amaze me. First, when people buy luxury wristwatches from non-authorized distributors like eBay and then ask if it’s genuine or a fake. The second is the vast array of websites by so-called “experts” professing to tell ways to spot a fake watch, even if you […]

5 Rolex Watches That Are a Smart Investment

Rolex Watches That Are a Smart Investment

You know all about silver, gold, oil, and even coffee investment, but what about watches? They’re a fascinating and fun alternative to other types of investments, as some hold their value very well and others increase in value as time passes. Here, we’ll take a look at the best Rolex watches to invest in, plus […]

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