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1960’s Patek Philippe Pocket Watch Grabs Attention at Auction

antique patek philippe pocket watch

Some weeks ago we were gladly surprised to receive a beautiful antique at our offices: a Patek Philippe Pocket Watch from 1967. At Worthy, we always have the pleasure to auction some stunning luxury watches. But this rare timepiece definitely conquered our hearts. While we were thrilled to get a great deal for the seller, we were sad to see this timepiece go!

Watch Details:Patek_Philippe_Series267279 _Model 153579
Brand: Patek Philippe
Series: 267279
Model: 153579
Case Material: Yellow Gold
Condition: Excellent
Original box & papers: Yes
Gender: Man
Karat value of metal: 18
Movement: Hand winding

Very popular since their development in the 16th Century until WWI, when they were replaced by the classic wristwatch, pocket watches constitute a highly valuable antique. Still today, Patek Philippe continues to produce a limited number of pocket watches a year in order to keep the heritage of a disappearing art.
1967 Patek Philippe Pocketwatch multi view
The pocket watch auctioned at Worthy has a 10 jewel movement and is still in excellent working condition. This delicate but durable timepiece certainly didn’t go unnoticed by our buyers: 178 of them submitted their offer. The Patek Philippe Pocket Watch was finally sold for $4,050!

Do you have a Patek Philippe to sell? Get the highest market value for it!

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