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Luxury or Lie: Real vs. Fake Panerai


By Adam R. Harris   Teaching people how to identify fake watches is my mission because hard-to-detect counterfeits are more common than you may realize. Forty million fakes are made each year; compare that with thirty million genuine Swiss watches. You are more likely to find the fake than the genuine in many marketplaces. For […]

Best Watch Movements from Leading Watchmakers


Among the top luxury watch manufacturers, there are three Swiss watchmaking companies that are known to use some of the best watch movements today: Rolex, OMEGA, and TAG Heuer.   Best Watch Movements: Rolex Omega TAG Heuer Seiko Breitling Patek Philippe   A look at what makes these mechanical masterpieces tick A timepiece comes to […]

6 Common Myths About Genuine vs. Fake Watches


By Adam R. Harris   Two things never fail to amaze me. First, when people buy luxury wristwatches from non-authorized distributors like eBay and then ask if it’s genuine or a fake. The second is the vast array of websites by so-called “experts” professing to tell ways to spot a fake watch, even if you […]

The NoteWorthy Series: Rolex Air-King Review


Thank you for tuning into our Rolex NoteWorthy series! We’ll be posting regular reviews of the classic Rolex watch models that merit a special in-depth mention because of their distinguished history and iconic status. We’re beginning with the Rolex Air-King, one of the most popular Rolex watches of all time. Rolex Air-King History The history […]

Top 10 Most Popular Rolex Watches

Most popular Rolex watches

The right watch is more than functional; it’s also a fashion statement. The most popular Rolex watches have a few things in common. They’re invariably sleek and stylish, and they are built to last. Here, we’ll dive deep with a discussion of the most popular Rolex Submariner, we’ll have a speedy talk on the subject […]

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