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10 Famous European Luxury Watch Brands You Should Know


No collection should be without at least one timepiece from one of the top European watch companies like Bremont, A. Lange & Söhne, or Omega. The question is, which of the world’s most famous European luxury watch brands is likely to satisfy your requirements? Here, we take an in-depth look at our list of ten […]

Top 10 Women’s Luxury Watches – Summer 2018


Time changes us all and the watch you’ve been wearing for the last years, as beautiful as it is, might not match your taste or personality anymore. It just so happens that summer is the perfect moment for refreshing your look! Now’s the time to choose a new luxury watch that is up to date, […]

Watches That Hold their Value


It has been argued that much like brand new cars, watches lose their value rather quickly after leaving the showroom. While this is sadly true in many cases, there are some luxury watches that hold value well – and there are a select few that will ultimately increase in value. Making predictions about what the […]

Top 10 Most Popular Rolex Watches

Most popular Rolex watches

The right watch is more than functional; it’s also a fashion statement. The most popular Rolex watches have a few things in common. They’re invariably sleek and stylish, and they are built to last. Here, we’ll dive deep with a discussion of the most popular Rolex Submariner, we’ll have a speedy talk on the subject […]

5 NoteWorthy Patek Philippe Auctions


We at Worthy have the pleasure of examining, photographing and auctioning unique timepieces from homes across the US. Some of the finest watches come through our doors for sale on our auction platform, reaching professional watch buyers world-wide. Every watch has it’s own story and its own worth in the marketplace. As always, it’s up […]