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The Top 7 American-Made Watch Brands


Before World War II broke out, American watches were some of the finest the world had to offer. While some historic brands including Hamilton, Waltham, and Bulova still exist, the companies no longer manufacture their timepieces in the United States. But don’t despair! Finding a fantastic American-made watch might seem like a challenge, but watchmakers […]

Rio 2016 Olympic Athletes and Their Watches


Certain luxury watch brands are renowned for their sponsorship of sports including golf, tennis, yacht racing, and equestrian events like polo and show jumping. Famous athletes including some of the brightest stars of Rio’s 2016 Olympics enjoy wearing luxury watches from manufacturers such as Omega, Rolex, and Hublot. Here, we take a closer look at […]

Top 4 Japanese Watch Brands You Should Know About


Japanese watch brands manufactures took the marketplace by storm in the 1970’s. During that time, the watch industry was experiencing an interesting movement as most major brands were outsourcing their manufacturing. This meant, that even though people were willing to pay top-dollar for a luxury watch, the chances are that the company itself didn’t even […]

5 Minutes With Watch Anish


By Cheryl Kremkow Worthy recently had a chance to talk to Anish Bhatt, better known to the watch world as Watch Anish about watch collecting. Anish is the founder & CEO of Lion Luxe Media and, a leading online luxury lifestyle media platform. Anish is an internationally renowned Instagram personality and expert in men’s […]

10 Famous European Luxury Watch Brands You Should Know


No collection should be without at least one timepiece from one of the top European watch companies like Bremont, A. Lange & Söhne, or Omega. The question is, which of the world’s most famous European luxury watch brands is likely to satisfy your requirements? Here, we take an in-depth look at our list of ten […]