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World Cup Players and Their Watches


Watches are a big part of our business at Worthy. Everyday we help individuals sell their luxury timepieces for the highest market price while taking out all the hassle of selling to a trustworthy buyer. Hublot, Audemars Piguet, and TAG Heuer are just a few of the prestigious brands that we accept. We are betting that some of these World Cup partnerships listed below will make for great value-adding components to these already coveted timepieces.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – Hublot
Falcao Wearing Hublot Hublot has been a long time player in the world of international soccer. Sponsoring the likes of Pele, Diego Maradona, Xherdan Shaqiri, Falcao and more. This year, they are the official watch and timekeeper of the 2014 World Cup Brazil. And of course, there is the special edition World Cup Hublot watch, the Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chronograph. The watch is limited to 300 pieces and is offered in either gold with a carbon fiber bezel or black ceramic, also with a carbon fiber bezel.In addition to the World Cup decor, it is also specially developed so that fans can time each half of the game (45 minutes) as well as overtime.

Leo Messi (Argentina) – Audemars Piguet
Leo Messi Wears Piguet Leo Messi is “quite simply the world’s best footballer” according to Audemars Piguet. This is probably why, in 2012 they signed him on as an endorser. They are such fans, that he even has his own limited edition timepiece. The Leo Messi Royal Oak Chronograph is self winding with a platinum case, tantalum bezel, brushed dark blue dial and a dark blue strap. It is truly as artful as Leo Messi is on the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – TAG Heuer
Cristiano Ronaldo TAG Ambassador After ending an endorsement deal with Jacob & Co, Cristiano Ronaldo forward for Portugal, was signed on as an ambassador for Swiss watchmaker TAG heuer. According to TAG Heuer CEO, Stéphane Linder “Every TAG Heuer creation celebrates intense life in the contemporary arena, and no individual represents this more powerfully than Cristiano”. It is clear that Cristiano is a perfect fit for TAG Heuer, joining a team of young, elite athletes representing the brand.

Clint Dempsey(USA) – Jorg Gray
Clint Dempsy Jorg Gray AmbassadorThis California based watch company has appropriately chosen the US team forward, Clint Dempsey to join their ranks of ambassadors. His limited edition watch, known as the JG2500-22 is made of stainless steel with all black components. Its specialty or complication is similar to that of the Big Bang watch, with a timing capability being very specific to the game of soccer. The back of the watch is of course engraved with a soccer design and signature on the back. Interestingly enough, Jorg Gray’s patriotism goes well beyond supporting the US soccer team as it is also the chosen timepiece of President Obama and his secret service staff.

Mesut Özil (Germany) – Cyrus Geneve
Ozil for Cyrus Geneve International footballer Mesut Özil is the player of choice for Cyrus Geneve, a highly exclusive watch brand-coveted by the very deep pocketed and adventurous. The co-founder of Cyrus, Laurent Lecamp says “I admire Mesut Özil for his precision as a sportsman….He embodies professionalism paired with vitality and team spirit. This connects him with the vision of Cyrus and makes him the ideal representative of our brand.” Of course, the feeling is mutual with a great admiration from Özil for the level of quality and originality that the brand encompasses.

Top watch brands matched with top performing athletes is a perfect combination. It will be interesting to see how these partnerships last and continue to mutually benefit when the 2014 World Cup concludes. Until then….enjoy the games!!

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