Top 10 Most Extravagant Diamond Rings Auctioned at Worthy

Top 10 extravagant Diamond rings
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Jun 20th, 2019

Here at Worthy, we constantly see beautiful pieces of jewelry come and go. While we love the classic round cut solitaire diamond rings, we have a soft spot for unique, even, flamboyant pieces of jewelry. We decided to take another look and pick our favorites and here are the winners:

1. Trilliant Cut Eye-Catcher

1.57 CT Trilliant Cut Right Hand Ring

Trilliant or trillion cut diamonds are one of the more unique diamond cuts. One of the biggest advantages of this cut is that it makes the diamond appear bigger because of the angles and light. This 1.57 CT trilliant-cut diamond ring stands out not only because of the diamond’s unique shape but also because of sapphires set into the band, creating a dark backdrop for the center stone. The final offer for this ring was $2,717.

2. Eye of Sauron Marquise Ring

Marquise Cut Ring

The marquise cut has many nicknames, including the eye cut, but one thing is for certain: the elongated shape is elegant and looks gorgeous on a ring finger. Whether this ring’s original owner was looking to honor Tolkein or simply liked the eye-shape, they certainly made a good choice when it came to selling it. The final offer for this ring was $3,985.

3. Yellow Gold Tacori Bridal Set

Tacori Ring

Tacori rings are very recognizable and sought after due to their exquisite, intricate design. This bridal set feaures an engagement ring a 1.58 CT center stone, side stones on the band and on the wedding band as well which is curved to accommodate the center stone’s size, a style known as a “nested set”. The final offer for this ring was $5,354.

4. When More Isn’t More

Circular Cut Ring

Can too many diamonds spoil the ring? While it may catch your attention, it might not be for all the right reasons. This ring features a whopping total of 39 diamonds. The final offer for this ring was $1,538.

5. Old European-Cut Cocktail Ring

European-Cut Cocktail Ring

Those looking for sparkle and pizazz should look no further than this diamond cocktail ring that features three Old European cut diamonds, baguettes, and round diamonds. The final offer for this ring was $2,179.

6. Rectangular Radiance

radiant cut diamond

The radiant cut diamond is one of the brilliant of all diamond cuts because of its 70 facets. It hides inclusions and flaws better than other diamonds, making it a great choice for all types of jewelry. This ring features a rectangular radiant cut diamond weighing it at a grand total of 9.7 CT! The final offer for this stunner was $38,530.

7. I Can See Your Halo X2

Halo Ring

What can be better than a diamond halo ring? Double halo! Halo rings have become increasingly popular in recent years, both because of the glamorous look they present and because they can make the center stones they surround appear larger. This ring features a 2 CT center stone and the final offer at auction was $14,633.

8. Baby You’re a Firework

Solitaire Ring

When a more traditional setting just won’t do, opt for an explosive setting like this one. This ring features an almost 1 CT round center stone set with three round stones on either side. Behind that are diamond spokes set with tapered baguettes. The final offer for this ring was $1,984.

9. A Halo of a Different Kind

different halo  ring

While traditional halo rings usually feature round diamonds or pave, this ring’s desginer decided to change things up. The 1.03 CT round center stone is surrounded by a halo of baguettes. The final offer for this ring was $3,931.

10. A Flower By Any Other Name

flower shaped ring

This flower shaped ring is quite unique, both in its design and because it includes a number of diamond shapes, including marquise and Old European cut. The final offer for this ring was $2,311.

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