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Let it glow

A Second Chance at Father’s Day


By Audrey Cade   This Sunday will mark the second celebration of Father’s Day that my dad and I will share. How is it possible that a woman in her 40’s gave her first Father’s Day card just last year? It’s a long story; but, my tale can be summarized as an unfortunate series of […]

Who Owns Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Ring?


Express Newspapers/Getty Images   Dame Elizabeth Taylor owned not one but two very famous diamond rings. Also known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond and the Krupp Diamond, the Elizabeth Taylor diamonds are worthy of her celebrity status, and were cornerstones of her collection. Let’s take a closer look.   The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Collection Elizabeth Taylor […]

Declutter Your Life After Divorce


By Emma Johnson   Don’t make my mistake.   My ex and I split eight years ago. I am still decluttering him from my life. Every time I get rid of a piece of furniture, art, jewelry or clothing, I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. After all, I have long believed that things […]

Surviving Your First Night Alone Without the Kids


By Dena Landon   Google sleepovers and you’ll find a lot of advice geared towards when your kid is old enough, how to handle it if a guest cries for their parent, and how to plan that first overnight. Nobody talks about that first night when your kid is sleeping over at an ex’s house. […]