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10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues When You’re Single

Worthy_StaceyFreemanWinterBlues_Article_0117_Header_697x283 (1)

By Stacey Freeman   Just when you breathe a sigh of relief that you have gotten through the holidays uncoupled, in comes January and the winter blues and, suddenly, all the progress you made feels lost. If that sounds familiar, know you are not alone.   Winter depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when referring […]

Year in Review: Top 10 Worthy Auctions of 2016

Worthy_OutstandingAuctionsArticle_1216_FB_697x283_01 (1)

If there’s something 2016 didn’t lack, it was mind-blowing auctions. This year, we’ve seen the most outstanding pieces go through our auction platform. Incredibly high-quality diamonds, unique vintage watches, beautiful antique jewelry, and so much more. Each auction has a compelling story behind, and here are our top 10 favorites. 1) 10.01 CT Fancy Yellow […]

15 Inspirational Quotes We Loved in 2016

quotes article header

If you have been following Worthy on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know that we love all things inspiring. And quotes aren’t the exception. From changing your perspective on a problem, to simply making your day a little better, words have the power to transform your life. With the year almost coming to an end, […]