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Celebrating Kick Ass Single Mom Moments

Getting Re-Married: How Are Assets Affected?


A marriage is a joyous occasion for all, especially a remarriage. Bringing a family together with its newest members is a heartwarming experience, and is a welcome event after divorce or widowhood. This newer, bigger family may be a joyous group, but with time, family relations change. Especially after the bride or groom passes on, […]

How I Realized I Was in a Verbally Abusive Relationship


By Dena Landon   Imagine if, halfway through your first date, the guy called you stupid for having bought a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood that he didn’t like, told you that you had a bland palate, and for good measure tacked on that you’d gained weight since he’d first met you. No second date […]

4 Reasons Why Your Kids Will be Fine After Divorce


By Nicole Amaturo   Groundhog day. That’s how I would describe my life before divorce. Let’s call it b.d. for short. The alarm would sound, I’d shower and get ready, get the kids off to school, go to work, come home, take care of the kids’ HW and activities, make dinner, clean up, and go […]

Top 5 Destinations for Gourmet Travelers


There are people who travel to faraway destinations for family, sport, leisure, the sights, the culture, and for the nightlife as well. One of the most unconsidered reasons for traveling is food. Many times, food is an afterthought, a secondary benefit that sees a vacationer look for gourmet culinary specialties in the area that they’ve […]