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9 Financial Lessons I Learned Through Divorce/

Why Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep, Especially After Divorce

Worthy_Stacey_BeautyArticle_0217_Header_697x283_01 (1)

By Stacey Freeman   I was recently looking through some old pictures when I stumbled upon the last family photo I took with my husband and our children as a family. I was 39. Although I was relatively slender and wore the same professionally styled hair that I do now, I noticed a striking difference […]

My Post-Divorce Dating Advice (Spoiler: It’s Not About Him)

dena-landon-dating-advice (1)

By Dena Landon   Whether you’re recently divorced or it’s been a few years it sometimes feels like everyone has an opinion on your dating life. You’re dating too soon, and haven’t given yourself time to heal. Or you’re wallowing and have developed an unhealthy relationship with your Netflix queue. Instead of doing the walk […]

5 Rolex Watches That Are a Smart Investment

Worthy_Rolex_Article_0217_Header_697x283_01 (1)

You know all about silver, gold, oil, and even coffee investment, but what about watches? They’re a fascinating and fun alternative to other types of investments, as some hold their value very well and others increase in value as time passes. Here, we’ll take a look at the best watches to invest in 2017, plus […]

How To Be Alone Without Being Lonely: 8 Key Lessons

Worthy_NicoleAMaturoBeinAlone_Article_0217_Header_697x283_02 (1)

By Nicole Amaturo   You tell your friend how you just broke off your relationship and she laments at just how lonely you’re going to be. You’re moving to a new area, don’t know a soul yet and your parents are nervous because you’re going to be so lonely. You’re single and enjoying life but […]

Here’s Why You Might Need to Take a Break From Online Dating


By Dena Landon   Two days ago I disabled all my online dating accounts. The methods were different, either hiding myself from discovery or disabling and logging out, but the end result was the same. Poof! No more online dating for me. When one of them sent a short follow-up survey asking if I’d met […]