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Celebrating Kick Ass Single Mom Moments

What I Learned After Neglecting My Health During Divorce


By Stacey Freeman   No one wants to think about getting sick. Or dying. Who has the time, especially while in the middle of a heated divorce? I get it. That was me a little over five years ago when I first started going through mine.   After I eventually got my head screwed back […]

How Does Your Jewelry Reflect Your Personality?


Have you ever wondered what your choice of jewelry says about you? While personality is a highly complex issue, jewelry is a tool that you can use to make a statement to others about who you are. If you take a moment to think about what jewelry says about the people you know as well […]

Do Divorced Moms ‘Count’ as Single Moms?


By Dena Landon   Single mom. Who knew it was such a loaded term? Beyond, that is, the stereotypes about us that abound. While I’ve always found that claiming the term has led to solidarity and support from other moms some people don’t think that I, as a divorced mom, should use the term. I’ve […]

Congratulations to the Winning Kickass Single Mom!


During the past weeks, we were thrilled to receive hundreds of entries from amazing single moms from all over the country sharing kickass moments of their day. For some, these moments were big turning points in their lives, like finishing a Master’s degree or starting their own business. For others, they were small victories like […]

7 Things You Need to Know When Dating a Kickass Single Mom


By Laura Lifshitz   If you are dating a kick-ass single mom, congratulations! If you are attempting to date a kick-ass single mom…well, sit back, because I’ve got some things you need to hear.   As a single mom who is pretty badass and also dating, I’d like to share one thing you need to […]