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Let it glow

Why Consignment Jewelry Will Lose You Time and Money

consignment-jewelry (1)

If you own jewelry that you no longer wear, then selling it makes sense. There are several methods for selling fine jewelry, and each comes with different benefits and drawbacks. Selling jewelry on consignment is a popular option, but it might not be the best way to get rid of that old engagement ring, necklace, […]

Taking Out the Trash of Your Marriage


By Audrey Cade   A life change, like a divorce, is the perfect opportunity to purge unwanted debris and influences from your life! Why continue to face reminders of the past or be bogged down with the weight of what used to be?   Use your divorce as the springboard for an exciting fresh start […]

3 Actions to Allow Your Self to Feel Worthy and Exceptional

Worthy_3ActionstoAllow_Article_0517_Header_697x283_02 (1)

Nicole Amaturo   Not feeling worthy comes from a place of not feeling like we are good enough. The first step is to first realize this is one of our false beliefs about ourselves and then just acknowledge it. Just in our awareness of it, we immediately begin the healing process to change. How do […]

What Should a Widow Do With Her Rings?

Worthy_WhatShouldAWidow_Article_0517_Header_697x283_01_A (1)

By Maryalene LaPonsie   At age 35, I became a widow. My husband of 15 years was a strong man but no match for esophageal cancer. It’s been four years since he took his final breath early one beautiful May morning. Since then, our five children and I have walked the bewildering path people take […]