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7 Tips to help you move on after divorce/

Dear Women, You Are Good With Money


By Dena Landon   Dear women of the world,   You are good with money.   I’m going to say that again. You’re good with money. Women save, on average, seven to sixteen percent more of their income than men. When a consumer credit counseling service performed a study they found that men defaulted on […]

6 Budgeting and Saving Tips for the Newly Divorced

6-saving-tips-for-newly-divorced (1)

By Stacey Freeman   For as long as I can remember, I have always worried about money. As a young child, I watched my father lose his livelihood and the downward spiral that followed afterward. Then he died, suffering a massive heart attack at 41 years old right there in our kitchen, I can only […]

Diamond Market Trends For 2017

diamond market trends 2017

Every year, strategy consulting firm Bain & Company conducts a study to get the pulse of the diamond market. This year’s sixth annual report highlights current attitudes and behaviors of buying and selling diamonds, interestingly, focusing on the millennials. The study also examines factors that influence rough-diamond production and sales, midstream performance and the overall […]

How Spending More On Myself Helped Me Embrace Financial Freedom

how-spending-more-on-myself-helped-me-embrace-financial-freedom (1)

By Dena Landon   One of the most liberating moments after my divorce came when I logged into my checking account on payday, saw the direct deposit and realized, This is all mine. No more arguments over whether or not we should put extra money towards my ex’s school loans or our son’s education fund. […]